Why Boredom Is a Good Thing


Find out why boredom is a good thing. Check out beautiful birth photos. And go ahead, take up some space. Why boredom's a good thing. ---The Atlantic No equipment workout. ---ACE Oh, we know all about the two-day funk. ---Laughing Moms 50 moms share advice they'd give to new moms. ---Mom …
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Bottle Genius in Action — Plus a Giveaway!


This post is sponsored by Born Free. For our sponsored post policy, click here. Hopefully you were able to party with us last week during our Bottle Genius Twitter Chat. We shared some of our favorite time-savers and stress-reducers, and you moms had such good ideas to contribute too. We told …
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Save the Date — and Save Some Time With Bottle Genius


This post is sponsored by Born Free. For our sponsored post policy, click here. When you have kids, your life is so full. Full of love and hugs and kisses. Full of drool and diapers and noise. There is so much more of everything. But there is one thing that most parents are lacking. Yes, …
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This Fit Mama Rocks ‘Thriller’ — On Her Due Date


This woman is seriously my hero. Her husband has just last month been diagnosed with testicular cancer and she's 40 weeks pregnant, and yet here she is, on her due date rocking --- and totally killing --- the Thriller dance. She had heard that it would induce labor --- and we're willing to bet that …
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A One-Minute Workout


Got a minute between tasks? Here's a quick workout. Want dessert? We've got 14 of them! Want to cry? Well, we've got you covered there, too! Got a minute? Get to doing this. ---SkinnyMom No-peanut peanut sauce. ---Pretty Prudent This is what you get when you money-grab the wrong mom. …
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Apricot and Coconut Granola Bar Recipe


We recently shared a healthier mac and cheese from The Truly Healthy Family Cookbook by Tina Ruggiero, nutritionist. Today we're getting her spin on a popular snack item: the granola bar. Tina says she's not a fan of most granola bars because they’re brimming with added sugar and are really a …
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