Mother’s Day Giveaway: Vionic Shoes


We're celebrating moms all week this week with Mother's Day giveaways! Check them out here.  Whether I'm running around with my kids at the park or running errands, one requirement for my shoes is that they are comfortable. Sure, it's also nice if they're cute, but mostly I don't want them to …
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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Need ideas for Mother's Day? Want to see what it's like to live according to Pinterest? Or want to check out some amazing artwork? All that and more! Gift ideas for moms. Or yourself. ---Fit Bottomed Girls Life according to Pinterest. ---BuzzFeed Preparing a dog for a new baby. …
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How to Be a Perfect Parent in 5 Easy Steps, or Never


Today's hilarious excerpt is from Una Lamarche's book, the title of which alone should make you want to pick up a copy: Unabrow: Misadventures of a Late Bloomer. Any book that has a unibrow-ed girl as adorable as this on the cover is one I want to read. Particularly when it includes brutally honest …
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Couples Try Acroyoga


I have never tried acroyoga with my husband, but I do regularly do a version of it with my kids. Only we call it "Superman" where I let my kids fly while balancing their bodies on my feet. It's a serious workout, balancing wiggly little humans with your feet up in the air. They don't weight nothing, …
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23 Thoughts New Moms Have


Being a new mom is quite the adventure. All cliches aside (and, man, those cliches exist for a reason --- it really is hard, awesome and filled with spit-up, diapers and sleepless nights), it's kind of a big roller coaster. One day (or, heck, hour) you feel like you are super mom hear you roar …
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Funny Kids Jokes


Funny punny kids jokes. The woman who doesn't exists. And a mom at 50! All that and more starting now! These jokes for kids are unbelievably dorky. And awesome. ---Remarkable Dads She doesn't really exist. ---The Financial Diet A delivery service perfect for new moms. ---Fit Bottomed …
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