Jerry Seinfeld’s Take on Bedtime Any Parent Can Relate To


I've long been a fan of Jerry Seinfeld. I think he's a hilarious comedian, and I still remember listening to one of his CDs back in high school, practically on repeat. His humor about children has always tickled my funny bone, like when he joked about kids discovering what Halloween is all about. I …
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Barry’s Bootcamp After a 7-Year Workout Hiatus? Hilarious.


Jenn and I have been loving Self magazine's Girl vs. Sweat online video series. Funny workout newbies take on some of the hottest exercise classes --- with hilarious results. Jenn shared CrossFit rookie Laura Prangley's experience with her Workout of the Day recently, and I just have to share this …
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A Disagreement in a Modern Romance: Paper vs. Digital


I'm always at odds with technology. I both love it for its convenience and hate it for sometimes taking over my life. I fully admit I pull out my phone too frequently when I'm bored, and I have so many pictures that I don't even know how to start organizing my digital life. (In my defense, it takes …
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