Pop: A Book to Help You Through Labor


When I was pregnant with my first, I knew I wanted a natural childbirth. Little did I know when I preparing for labor and delivery --- reading, taking childbirth classes, meditating --- that I wouldn't have had time for an epidural had I wanted one. I arrived to the hospital trying not to give birth …
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Kodiak Cakes: If I Was On A Deserted Island, I Might Take These Pancakes With Me (Want to Try?)


While I can wake up, grab a cup of coffee and be fine for an hour or so without breakfast, my kiddos want breakfast as soon as their eyes pop open. Unfortunately, most items that are available in a hurry aren't the healthiest, stick-to-your-ribs foods. So what to give the kids that is healthier, …
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Get Swimming With This Isis Maternity Suit (No Really, We’re Giving One Away!)


We have been touting all of the benefits of swimming when pregnant recently, so we thought we'd go ahead and back those benefits up with a sweet maternity swimming suit giveaway! Swimming is so good for the pregnant bod, and this Aqua Sphere Isis Maternity Suit will ensure that you're covered for …
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Unjunk Your Junk Food With This Book (We’re Giving It Away!)


I think we can all agree that junk food is no bueno. It's obviously best to get most of your calories from the most nutritious sources possible, like yummy fruits and veggies and lean proteins. But ... what about the times you really want a candy bar? Or nothing is going to cure your Oreo craving …
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Snacks to Go: LOVE These Stackable Snack Containers (With a Giveaway!)


When Jenn reviewed the GoStak stackable containers over on FBG, the mom in me went a little nuts. I immediately saw the possibilities in taking kids' snacks to go. While I love snack cups that let kids get in and out of them easily (like these), they have the drawback of dropping Cheerios all over …
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