A Super-Speedy Workout


A 7-minute, no excuses workout, moves the First Lady does to stay fit, and what being a new mom looks like in doodles. A 7-minute workout anyone can fit into their schedule. ---Fit Bottomed Girls Five moves to be fit like the FLOTUS. ---People Hilarious doodles from a new mom. …
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At the Gym With No Plans? Do This


Ever made it to the gym and don't have a workout planned? Or wonder why there isn't smarter underwear out there? Or need a little inspiration? We've got you covered! When you're ready to work out but have no idea what to do. ---Fit Bottomed Girls Sometimes you learn more out of school than …
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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Need ideas for Mother's Day? Want to see what it's like to live according to Pinterest? Or want to check out some amazing artwork? All that and more! Gift ideas for moms. Or yourself. ---Fit Bottomed Girls Life according to Pinterest. ---BuzzFeed Preparing a dog for a new baby. …
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Funny Kids Jokes


Funny punny kids jokes. The woman who doesn't exists. And a mom at 50! All that and more starting now! These jokes for kids are unbelievably dorky. And awesome. ---Remarkable Dads She doesn't really exist. ---The Financial Diet A delivery service perfect for new moms. ---Fit Bottomed …
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Why Stepping on a LEGO Hurts So Much


If you've ever stepped on a LEGO, you know the pain is right up there with childbirth. Find out why! If you've ever wondered if sonographers get the baby's sex wrong? They do. And if you were wondering: Yes, you are one hell of a mother. Why stepping on a LEGO hurts so darn much. ---Eye …
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Why Boredom Is a Good Thing


Find out why boredom is a good thing. Check out beautiful birth photos. And go ahead, take up some space. Why boredom's a good thing. ---The Atlantic No equipment workout. ---ACE Oh, we know all about the two-day funk. ---Laughing Moms 50 moms share advice they'd give to new moms. ---Mom …
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A One-Minute Workout


Got a minute between tasks? Here's a quick workout. Want dessert? We've got 14 of them! Want to cry? Well, we've got you covered there, too! Got a minute? Get to doing this. ---SkinnyMom No-peanut peanut sauce. ---Pretty Prudent This is what you get when you money-grab the wrong mom. …
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Morning Routines of 6 Fit Women


How does your morning routine compare to these six fit women? Do you feel guilty about an empty baby book? (Raises hand!) Want to see some adorable Bolt babies (or find out what that even is)? Click on! Morning routines of fit women. ---Fit Bottomed Girls Signs you'll be a great mom. …
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10 Healthy Recipes


Fight dinner boredom with these 10 recipes. Do this quick barre workout. Laugh at Portia and Ellen. And don't forget to play Oregon Trail! 10 recipes you should try. ---Fit Bottomed Eats Guilt in childhood, depression later? ---HuffPost Parents Love this series on how couples balance work …
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Are You Brave Enough for Pole Fitness?


Are you brave enough to try pole fitness? We've got tips if you're curious! Wonder how to raise a girl? Here's a great post on that. Want to know what a newborn will look like in its first moments? Here are some crazy pics of just that! I'm nowhere near brave enough for pole fitness, but in case …
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