Morning Routines of 6 Fit Women


How does your morning routine compare to these six fit women? Do you feel guilty about an empty baby book? (Raises hand!) Want to see some adorable Bolt babies (or find out what that even is)? Click on! Morning routines of fit women. ---Fit Bottomed Girls Signs you'll be a great mom. …
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10 Healthy Recipes


Fight dinner boredom with these 10 recipes. Do this quick barre workout. Laugh at Portia and Ellen. And don't forget to play Oregon Trail! 10 recipes you should try. ---Fit Bottomed Eats Guilt in childhood, depression later? ---HuffPost Parents Love this series on how couples balance work …
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Are You Brave Enough for Pole Fitness?


Are you brave enough to try pole fitness? We've got tips if you're curious! Wonder how to raise a girl? Here's a great post on that. Want to know what a newborn will look like in its first moments? Here are some crazy pics of just that! I'm nowhere near brave enough for pole fitness, but in case …
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A Day at Home With a Newborn

Crying Baby

This week, we've got a day in the life recap that is hilarious and honest, a pothead mom that makes you think and exercises every woman should be doing. A day at home with a newborn. ---Medium Pot for thought. ---HuffPost Parents Danger of pods. ---Today Moms as canvas. ---The …
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Carrying Babies, Inside and Out

Loving Mother Kissing Her Child

Loving this first link because even when you're not carrying your babies, you're carrying your babies. Plus more great stuff! The physicality of being a mother. ---The Washington Post Can't get out of the house? Four great workout websites. ---Fit Bottomed Girls The treadmill comes pretty …
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Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas


If you need last-minute Halloween costume ideas, a guide to surviving the holiday or IVF, a reason to wear your sunscreen or an explanation for your coffee love, we've got all that and more this week! Sexy last-minute Halloween costumes. ---PopSugar Moms A Halloween survival guide. ---Skinny …
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How to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy


If you need to get your kids to eat healthier, find a sports bra, declutter the toys taking over your house or lower your stress, we've got you covered this week! How to get your kids to try the good stuff. ---The New York Times 42 things that change when you have a baby. ---Baby …
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Potty Training Baffles Scientists

White toilet bowl in a bathroom

Having a rough time potty training? This will make you feel better (or worse). Need reassurance that your toddler isn't the only insane kiddo out there? We've got you covered. And want a whole site dedicated to hilarious stock photography about parenting? Keep on clicking! Potty training baffles …
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How to Never Clean Your Home

wooden picture frame with lamps

You've got questions like: Is it possible to never have to clean your home? Do others anniversary celebrations look like this? Now that we're a few weeks into the school year, do you have new lunch ideas ? And we've got answers in the below links! Stick to these habits and you'll never have to …
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The Pros and Cons of Waiting to Have Kids


The Onion cracks me up every time, and this first link is no exception. Plus, what can babies really see, and how to pimp your stroller so you're the talk of the 'hood. The pros and cons of waiting to have kids: "Younger children may resent older siblings for being raised by parents who were …
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