Products We Love for New Moms


New moms deserve a lot of love. With pregnancy, delivery, breastfeeding, recovery and sacrifice of sleep, they also deserve some really nice things like daily massages. But since that's not always possible, a little retail therapy never hurt, right? Here are a few products that hit our inbox and …
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7 Best Baby Shower Gifts


There are so many baby products on the market these days. When I was pregnant with my first, I remember having emotional breakdowns at giant baby stores. Do I need all of that? Which one do I get? WILL I BE A GOOD MOTHER!? Yeah, it escalates quickly when your emotions and hormones are raging. This …
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Introducing … the Mommies Awards (and the 10 Best Products of the Year)!


Seeing as how Fit Bottomed Girls has the Fitties to award our favorite fit products, and Fit Bottomed Eats has the Noshies for all of our favorite deliciousness, it only seems right that we award the best mom- and kid-centric products on Fit Bottomed Mamas that make our lives easier, more fun and …
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The COOLIT Takes Food From ‘Too Hot’ to ‘Just Right’


Evan dropped a bowl of oatmeal --- hot oatmeal --- on his lap. He wasn’t wearing pants, because that’s how he rolls at breakfast, and he burned his thigh. I was absolutely horrified that this happened; I just could not believe he pulled it down on himself. I was so upset, and he was in so much pain. …
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4 Products That’ll Make Your Life Easier


With two kids and one on the way, I'm always looking for ways to make my life easier. So when certain products land in my in-box that boast the ability to simplify my life, I'm all over it. Here are just a few products I've spied lately that are bound to help you out on a daily basis! …
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Bring Attention to Allergies With These Allergy Tattoos and Bracelets!


I've been super fortunate that my kids seem to have inherited my stomach of steel and freedom from food allergies and sensitivities. But some aren't so lucky, and food allergies are more than just inconvenient --- they can be deadly, as was the recent case of a girl who died after eating a snack at …
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Snacks to Go: LOVE These Stackable Snack Containers (With a Giveaway!)


When Jenn reviewed the GoStak stackable containers over on FBG, the mom in me went a little nuts. I immediately saw the possibilities in taking kids' snacks to go. While I love snack cups that let kids get in and out of them easily (like these), they have the drawback of dropping Cheerios all over …
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Baby-Wearing Gets Funky and Fashionable: The BabyHawk Mei Tai


I'm a big proponent of baby-wearing. Strapping my kids onto me saved my sanity many times. Like those times when the baby screams the moment you even act like you might be thinking about putting him or her down. Or those times when you really, really need to get something done but, again, the whole …
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My BOB Stroller: Worth Every Penny…Both Times


I have a personal relationship with my stroller, the BOB Revolution SE. Bob and I have been through a lot together. My first Bob was wrongfully kidnapped from my front porch. My second Bob is about to be passed on as I upgrade to the Bob Revolution SE Duallie (Bob’s two-seat version). I was first …
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Nervous to Pierce Your Child’s Ears? Try Poppy Drops!


I'm a bit nervous about piercing my daughter's ears. Plenty of brave moms do it, but I can't fathom how babies and toddlers keep their grubby little hands off their ears to let them heal without getting infected! Plus, my niece had her ears pieced when she was an infant and ended up needing to get …
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