Beach Body 21 Day Fix: Week 1 Recap


I just wrapped up my first week of the 21 Day Fix with Beachbody. I am really happy with how the program is going, and the ease my week had with the organized prepped meals. On some days I found myself more hungry than others. While reading through the private Facebook support group, I found I …
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12 Signs You’re a Toddler (or Surviving the Third Trimester)


My third trimester (almost) seems like a distant memory now that I've got my second baby out in the real world. But the discomfort and nausea I felt had those days creeping by and therefore they're seared into my brain for now. Some women at the end are amazed by how quickly pregnancy goes, but that …
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8 Things to Know About Running While Breastfeeding


Most runners look forward to the end of pregnancy as a marker for returning to previous activity (and that whole cute baby thing). Because being a mammal is awesome, that usually means you get to experience the joys of running while lactating. A few things to know when you're going down that path …
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Beachbody 21 Day Fix: Food Prep for a Week Is WORK!


I have said it many times throughout my weight-loss and maintenance phases and then post-baby (both times): when it comes to eating, meal planning is key. After kids I’ve learned that meal planning is not only necessary but a means to survival! Like many mamas, I often forget to eat and remember …
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Beachbody 21 Day Fix: Getting Started


I have been asked many times --- and then some --- to give Beachbody a try. I’ve been very resistant to the idea and often tend to ignore the offers. I’m often skeptical of “buying into” weight-loss gimmicks and advertisements (Hello! We're all about the anti-diet around here!). There is no denying …
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7 Tips for Putting Your Jogging Stroller to Use


If you're a runner and have small children, you've probably at least considered using a jogging stroller. It's a daunting endeavor, especially considering that just taking young kids to the grocery store is enough to make you break a sweat. Pictures of people running with strollers always make it …
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Four Core Exercises for the 4th Trimester


Jenn recently tested out Sara Haley's new Expecting MORE: The 4th Trimester Workout program. She liked it so much that we put it in our top 5 postnatal workout DVD list. The workouts in the program are designed for all moms, whether they had a baby six weeks, six months or six years ago, and they …
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My Journey to Become a Fit Bottomed Mama: Through IVF and PGD


Hey Fit Bottomed Mamas, I’m Kelsey. If you bounce around FBG and FBE, you may have seen some of my articles. I usually write for those sites when I get a moment in my busy schedule — though I’m sure not as busy as a Fit Bottomed Mama. Well, I’m here to bring you along on my journey to become an FBM, …
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Dos and Don’ts of Losing Belly Fat

Weight gain woman getting dressed wearing jeans. Diet concept - closeup of women hands unable to close the pants due to gaining fat on hips. Fashion girl putting pants on.

I always marveled at my massive pregnancy belly. How could a body do that? Then, each time I had my kids, I always marveled at my postpartum belly. When it was no longer basketball-shaped with a human in there, it was amazing how deflated and squishy it seemed in those first few days sans baby. It's …
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