Postpartum Pee Problems: 5 Rules to Follow


It is true, our bodies change after pregnancy. I was prepared for my body not being the same and it feeling foreign and having to lose weight. What I wasn't prepared for is having to excuse myself EVERY TIME jumping was a factor in boot camp. I'm not ashamed to admit that a potty break is necessary …
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Preparing for Baby: A Dad’s To-Do List


There's no doubt that preparing for baby is overwhelming. From purchasing the furniture to deciding disposable over cloth diapers, there are so many choices and discussions to have. A lot of attention is placed on the mommy-to-be and oftentimes we forgot there are two people about to undergo a big …
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More Sh!t No One Tells You About Labor and Delivery (and Your New Baby)


This post was originally published on May 14, 2012, after the birth of my second. But after a recent chat with another mom about things no one tells you about labor and delivery — and after sharing part 1 recently --- we thought we’d share it again! My friend is currently expecting her first …
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JustGo and Don’t Worry About Leaking!


One of the unfortunate and little-discussed side effects of pregnancy and childbirth is that the ol' bladder --- that rugged, steely organ you took for granted your whole life --- takes a bit of a beating. In those early days postpartum, you start to wonder if you'll ever get back your ability to …
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Postcard Workouts: Like a Personal Trainer in Your Mailbox (With a Giveaway!)


For many moms, at-home workouts are where it's at. Literally: getting to the gym is way too much trouble with young'uns. I'm lucky that my gym has great childcare, but even getting there can be difficult. And when gym memberships aren't an option and babysitters are scarce, it's easiest just to …
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Review: The Dia Method Postnatal Fitness System


Many moms are concerned with getting back into shape postpartum. After all, when your belly expands to crazy proportions, it can be hard to believe you can actually get it back to normal. And it's hard to fit in a new routine when you've got small kids, particularly if you're new to fitness and …
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Just Wait: All the Reasons It’s Important to Give Yourself Time to Recover After Giving Birth

Credit: genue.luben, Flickr

Jenn and I love getting reader comments on our posts because we learn so much from you, our dear readers! So when Deena Blumenfeld left a comment on a post awhile back, I knew I had to follow up with her for more. The post in question was about the Pure Barre founder Carrie Dorr's workout regimen …
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Staying Fit, Fabulous and Full of Milk


Sara Haley is one of our favorite pre- and post-natal exercise specialists around here. She shares awesome, fun workouts with us and great fitness tips, too. Sara has a miles-long fitness resume, including being a Reebok Global Master Trainer for the past five years and choreographing and starring …
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