Not All Pregnancy Symptoms Can Be Prevented by Eating Right and Exercising


Maybe it's just because I'm tired and grumpy and still feeling terrible, but when I read this article recently about Stacy Keibler's wonderful pregnancy, it rubbed me the wrong way. In it she shares that she hasn't had one day where she's been sick or tired. She's had a ton of energy, and she's very …
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Tea for Two: Sipping on Tea During Pregnancy


So in my first trimester, food aversions hit me hard. Actually, drink aversions hit me hard, too. In all three of my pregnancies, water was tough to choke down. My first pregnancy had me so turned off of red wine that it wasn't until a year postpartum that I could really think about drinking it …
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Pregnancy Oops? This Book Will Help You Rock It — and Make You Laugh


I did not have unplanned pregnancies. I was counting down the days until we could start trying for our first. And my second was surprising, but not a surprise. So while I don't know what it's like to be taken by surprise by a positive pregnancy test, it's thoroughly amusing to read someone else's …
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Bed Rest During Pregnancy: 7 Tips to Survive

bedrest pregnancy

Bed rest. The worst two words a Fit Bottomed Mama could hear. And yet, these were the words coming out of my doctor's mouth at just six weeks pregnant. But I was spotting. No, more than spotting—bleeding—and having lost a baby just four months earlier, my doctor wanted to be cautious. But I hated …
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All-Day Morning Sickness and More First Trimester Fun!

Previously Jessica shared her honest reaction to getting pregnant and then talked about the myth of that pregnancy glow. Now she's sharing her tales of morning sickness and total lack of energy! I can totally relate... —Erin It’s true that lots of sources will tell you straight out that morning …
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Mixed Emotions of Getting a Positive Pregnancy Test Result

Getting a positive pregnancy test result after peeing on a stick usually brings a mix of emotions. Excitement. Fear. Worry. Today, Jessica Hutton—who works as a traffic safety researcher in Kansas City, Mo., and loves backpacking, soccer, group exercise classes and cooking with her husband—shares …
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UnderReview: 10 Minute Solution Prenatal Pilates

Prenatal Pilates

I'll admit: Pilates isn't my absolute favorite form of exercise. I enjoy it in a classroom setting with an awesome instructor, but DVDs tend to bore me a little. However, in my bid to stay in shape during my pregnancy, I was willing to test out the 10 Minute Solution Prenatal Pilates. I was able to …
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