I’m In Love With a … Dyson Vacuum?


I hate to clean. Mostly it's because while I am cleaning, the kids are making a mess elsewhere, so I feel like it's two steps forward, two steps back any time I try to pick up. But, I am in love with a vacuum. A vacuum that makes cleaning kind of ... fun. And easy. And as a pregnant mom of two, I …
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When Is It Time to Expand Your Family?


When is the right time to think about having a baby --- again? I am almost positive that there is no right answer to this question. There are families expanding all around me, even our own Fit Bottomed Mama Erin is expecting! This announcement got me to thinking more about my little family and …
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For the Biker Mama: Weehoo Bike Trailer and StaySharp Commuter Cuff


When I was 12, my dad used to take my brother and me on these long bike adventures. We'd pack a snack and just ride our bicycles. Once we even ended up riding to my aunt's house about 20 miles away. I was young and tired, so I caught a ride home with my mom. I loved those days of just riding. My son …
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Need a Bit of Butt Coverage at the Pool? Try These!


You know what I don't want to deal with when I've got my two kids at the pool? While I'm trying to keep them both from diving headfirst into the deep end, and while I'm schlepping all of our gear to and fro? Answer: Swimsuit bottoms that aren't staying in place, that are riding up my bum when my …
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Working Out Like a Dog, a Sled Dog


Over on Fit Bottomed Girls, the girls and I frequently share workouts we did to give readers an idea of what we regularly do, and to share fresh ideas so you're not getting bored popping in that same old workout DVD all the time. We also like to do it to prove that workouts don't have to mean being …
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Hot Topic: How Do We Encourage Kids to Move?


Anyone who has kids knows that they are pretty much born to move. From the moment they can hold up their heads on their own, they're on a mission to roll, crawl, toddle, walk and climb their way to mass destruction. They'll throw balls until exhausted. They'll go down slides a million and one times. …
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10 Disney World Tips for Brave Parents of Small Kids


When our in-laws told us they wanted to take us to Florida to hit up Disney World over the New Year, my husband and I were excited. And also scared. Very, very scared. Because we have two kids --- 22 months and 3+ --- and we didn't know how four days of park adventures would go. We'd had experience …
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