Getting Dog Ready for Baby: 7 Ideas I’m Trying

Close-up portrait of a cat and dog. Isolated on white background

When you're preparing for your first baby, there is SO much to do. Now that I'm just a few weeks away from being full-term (ahhh!), I feel like my husband and I have been so busy getting things ready for our little girl. There have been birth classes to attend, books to read, carseat checks, getting …
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8 Tips for Running with Dogs in the Summer

Credit: donjd2

As a mom to a pug, I'm keenly aware of the summer heat. Pugs (and other snub-nosed breeds) don't do especially well in the heat, so the thought of running with her would never cross my mind. (Not to mention pugs aren't exactly known as great jogging buddies!) But if you're used to heading out with …
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Are You Prepared for a Pet Emergency?

pug dog marti

Before I had human kids, my pug was my child. Totally spoiled rotten. Even now that my attention is divided, I love my dog a freaking ridiculous amount. (How do you not love that face? That's her at right.) Because furry family members are people, too, we wanted to share these tips with you from …
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