Funny Relationship Quotes For the Once-Romantic Parents


Jake and I recently came across a few mementos from our earlier dating/marriage life. We found a CD (yes … a CD … that circular device you insert into a stereo … yes, a stereo… that thing with an antenna!) full of songs from college we listened to together. We found letters and cards to one another …
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MomStars: How Kerri Walsh Jennings Rocks a Healthy Day


Busy mom of three, Olympic athlete Kerri Walsh Jennings is the epitome of Fit Bottomed Mama! With her three young kiddos, super-busy training schedule and a thirst for competition, we don't know how she fits it all in or how she doesn't collapse from exhaustion. But it's inspiring nonetheless, and …
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As Predicted: The Pregnant Emotional Breakdown


I texted a pregnant friend of mine the other day, predicting an upcoming pregnant emotional breakdown. I'd been feeling so emotionally stable and hadn't had any hormone-driven crying sessions since those tear-jerking commercials at the Olympics back in February. So I knew a storm was brewing, and I …
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Preparing for Baby: A Dad’s To-Do List


There's no doubt that preparing for baby is overwhelming. From purchasing the furniture to deciding disposable over cloth diapers, there are so many choices and discussions to have. A lot of attention is placed on the mommy-to-be and oftentimes we forgot there are two people about to undergo a big …
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A Disagreement in a Modern Romance: Paper vs. Digital


I'm always at odds with technology. I both love it for its convenience and hate it for sometimes taking over my life. I fully admit I pull out my phone too frequently when I'm bored, and I have so many pictures that I don't even know how to start organizing my digital life. (In my defense, it takes …
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Put It On Your Pre-Baby Wish List: This Babymoon in Santa Fe


My husband and I didn't take a babymoon. Not unless you count visiting family in Kansas for my baby shower as "babymoon" material. But I totally get the reasoning. It gives your pregnant self one last baby-free vacation, one last time to sit on a beach and relax without having to worry about a child …
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The Funniest Heart-Shaped Present for Guys I’ve Ever Seen


My eyes sometimes glaze over as I'm checking my email --- I can only handle so many offers of supplements and quick diet fixes before I want to run screaming from my computer. So when an email catches my eye like this one did, I know I have to make room for it here, immediately. What caught my …
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