I’m In Love With a … Dyson Vacuum?


I hate to clean. Mostly it's because while I am cleaning, the kids are making a mess elsewhere, so I feel like it's two steps forward, two steps back any time I try to pick up. But, I am in love with a vacuum. A vacuum that makes cleaning kind of ... fun. And easy. And as a pregnant mom of two, I …
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4 Products That’ll Make Your Life Easier


With two kids and one on the way, I'm always looking for ways to make my life easier. So when certain products land in my in-box that boast the ability to simplify my life, I'm all over it. Here are just a few products I've spied lately that are bound to help you out on a daily basis! …
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The Friend Everyone Needs: The BFF (Best Fit Friend)


We all have different friends that, for lack of a better way to phrase it, serve different purposes. There are the ones you've known since third grade who can be counted on to crack a funny inside joke from decades earlier. There are the ones you don't talk to as much but you know you're always on …
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Gentle on Sensitive Noses: Boogie Wipes and Saline Spray


Sensitive skin like my son's can be a daily science project. It's always trial and error --- more like wincing and crossing fingers waiting on a reaction. Even nose blowing can be troubling. It was no shock to me to learn that Evan has really sensitive skin, especially considering I bruise with just …
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A 30-Day Guide to Declutter Your Home


Much to my chagrin, I'm not a neat freak, and clutter has always had a way of sneaking up on me. Now that I've got two kids --- and all the accessories they bring --- clutter can get out of control in a hurry. Odds and ends get stashed in a junk drawer to remain for eternity. Mud rooms become places …
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How to Survive Bed Rest During Pregnancy


I started developing edema pretty early on in my pregnancy. I was pregnant during a tough summer --- 110-degree days that even the best air conditioner couldn't go up against. Around 30 weeks, I started showing signs of preeclampsia but didn't have any positive urine tests to confirm it, so my OBGYN …
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Help With Healthy Meal Plans At Your Fingertips!


It's no secret that in the midst of chaos a few "to-go" meals happen. Typically it's exciting for our kiddos, but for us mamas, we cringe just a little. I've always said that planning was key to my weight-loss post-baby and has been just as important to my weight maintenance. As a meal planner …
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A Cleaning Schedule That Lets You Avoid ‘Cleaning Day’


Do you love having a clean house but hate having a designated cleaning day? It can seem that the only solution is to hire a cleaning service. But that can be expensive, and many people who hire others to do the dirty work for them often end up cleaning before the cleaning staff arrives anyway! You …
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13 Ways to Make Homework Less Stressful

happy teen schoolgirl doing homework at home

My daughter is 3 years old and is in two full days of preschool. Wednesday is the first day she attends each week, and it's also Sharing Day. That means every Tuesday night, I'm scrambling to put together her "homework" for the next day. It's never anything difficult --- finding two objects that …
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Reset: The Ultimate Relaxation Class for a Little ‘Me Time’


When we got an email inviting us to an L.A.-based classed called Reset, we knew we had to pass it along to Tish, who's in the L.A. area. It sounded like the perfect place to get in a zone and reset the mind and body --- perfect for a busy mom who gets no quiet time.. And we were right! Read on for …
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