5 Tips for a Healthy, Energy-Filled Day


After a burst of energy as soon as I hit my second trimester, I've been hit with fatigue at random times. I tend to be fine on days that I work --- no midday naps when I have kid-free time and there are posts to be written --- but days when I have the kids, I get worn out. I nodded off for a split …
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From Tough Mudder to Durable Dad


It's Fit Bottomed Dudes' week over on Fit Bottomed Girls, so we wanted to join in on the fun over here. Today, I bring to you my husband's take on our Tough Mudder adventure --- how it helped kickstart his fitness after a major hiatus and the unexpected benefits he's found because of it! It was …
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Two Little Words I’ve Got On Repeat: Privacy, Please!


I never truly appreciated the freedom of using the bathroom alone, until recently. I was chatting with a girlfriend at the gym, and we were swapping stories of how our lives have changed since having kids. One way that we strongly agreed on was the lack of privacy. I'm laughing recognizing just how …
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How to Ace a Job Interview When Pregnant


When you're pregnant, people assume a lot of things. Like you can't carry anything. Or that you must want to sit down even if you're perfectly happy standing. And if these assumptions are happening to the everyday pregnant woman, it's not surprising that pregnant job seekers face all kinds of …
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5 Tips for Starting the New Year Off Right


I may have mentioned the utter chaos I'm feeling lately. 2013 was the year of frazzle for me. We wrote a book. My kids were in daycare and were sick nonstop. With barely a breather after the book was mostly done-ish, I took on additional work that left me little time for anything other than the bare …
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Say Yes to Less Stress With These 7 Stress Relievers


The dog is barking at the UPS guy, your son just threw a stuffed animal in the toilet and your 3-year-old daughter is trying to get out the front door, again. No, that's probably not your life, but it's a typical few minutes in my daily life --- and one of the reasons I get stressed. I may not be …
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3 Ways To Streamline Your Life


Sometimes I feel like I'm living in chaos. Nothing ever seems to get done, and there are never enough hours in the day to complete my to-do list. So when Megan Flatt offered up a guest post on how busy women can streamline their lives, I just had to say yes. A resounding yes. Because anything that …
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Hitting the Road? Tips for Pumping on the Go

Credit: fred_v

Last week we shared tips for becoming a pumping pro at work. Today? We've got the goods on pumping on the road!  Pumping is hard enough when you're staying in one place. Add in travel for work, and it's a whole new ballgame. Aside from the awful feeling of leaving your baby for a day or week, how …
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The Pumping Professional: Become an Expert at Pumping at Work


Remember Kate? She'll be popping in from time to time to share her adventures in motherhood with us as she navigates the working world with a 12-month-old! Up until the day I had my baby, I didn’t know if I was going to breastfeed. I knew about the benefits, but I just didn’t want to add any …
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