5 Tips for a Healthy, Energy-Filled Day


After a burst of energy as soon as I hit my second trimester, I've been hit with fatigue at random times. I tend to be fine on days that I work --- no midday naps when I have kid-free time and there are posts to be written --- but days when I have the kids, I get worn out. I nodded off for a split …
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What to Eat Before a Workout and More Tips from a Nutritionist!


Heidi Skolnik recently shared her cold-weather workout tips with us. But now that it's finally warming up (slowly but surely around these parts), Heidi answered my burning questions about nutrition and working out. Heidi is the owner and president of Nutrition Conditioning, a nutrition consulting …
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13 Ways to Make Homework Less Stressful

happy teen schoolgirl doing homework at home

My daughter is 3 years old and is in two full days of preschool. Wednesday is the first day she attends each week, and it's also Sharing Day. That means every Tuesday night, I'm scrambling to put together her "homework" for the next day. It's never anything difficult --- finding two objects that …
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6 Ways to Stretch Your Grocery Budget


The amount of food a family of four can consume in one meal is crazy. Now that my kids are 2 and 3, they eat legitimate meals when they're truly hungry (they still have those eat two bites and "all done!" meals, too, of course). It's not as noticeable when we eat dinner --- pasta or meat or a …
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From Tough Mudder to Durable Dad


It's Fit Bottomed Dudes' week over on Fit Bottomed Girls, so we wanted to join in on the fun over here. Today, I bring to you my husband's take on our Tough Mudder adventure --- how it helped kickstart his fitness after a major hiatus and the unexpected benefits he's found because of it! It was …
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