Do You Make Resolutions?

Credit: ekkebus

Happy New Year! I always take a few minutes each year to plan for the next. Like I said yesterday, it's fun to think of a new year in terms of the endless possibilities. I shared a few of my goals yesterday, but I'm curious whether you all hop on the resolution bandwagon. So tell me... poll by …
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Do You Feel Guilty About Daycare?

sleeping baby

Yesterday I chatted about checking out my daycare options to get some dedicated work time. I know millions of mamas drop their kids off to daycare every day. But do you feel as conflicted as I do? Let's weigh in! poll by Can't see the poll? Click her to weigh in on daycare …
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What Would You Like to See Here?


We're celebrating Fit Bottomed Mamas' birthday all week! Click here for all the celebratory birthday content.   It's been super fun celebrating our birthday this week with fun giveaways and posts. But now it's time to look to the future! We'd love to know what you'd like to see here in the coming …
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Defending the Duggars: What Do You Think?

My mom was just in town over the weekend to watch my brother run the NYC Marathon. On her way home, she saw about half of the Duggar family at the airport. If you don't know who the Duggars are, then maybe you've heard of the woman who has had 19 kids and now has another on the way? Even seeing half …
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