Are You Suffering from Postpartum Depression?

Depressed Mother Cuddling Newborn Baby

Within a day of giving birth, I was filling out a postpartum depression screening form at the hospital. It asked how I was coping, if I was still seeing the bright side of things, and whether I was crying more or less than usual. It always strikes me as a little funny because I can't imagine …
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How You Can Shake, Share, Care — And Get Fit, Too!


This post brought to you by Tic Tac. For our sponsored post policy, click here.  You guys know that we are totally into giving back. And we're super into giving back in a way that encourages you to get active and moving. So when we heard of Tic Tac’s Shake, Share & Care program --- …
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The Two That Got Away: Coping With Miscarriage


Once in a while, I get in a little funk. It’s a short-lived funk, and typically something --- or even nothing --- brings it to light. I am the mother of two miscarriages. I’m not sure what that means, or if it even has meaning, or if it’s just a fact. I acknowledge my love for each of those babies …
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Change the Cycle — and Win $100 for “Selling” Your Period


The following is a post sponsored by Change the Cycle. For our sponsored post policy, click here. Would you like to change your cycle? Your menstrual cycle, we mean. Would you, perhaps, like to sell it? And play Mad Libs? AND be entered to win a $100 AMEX gift card? Oh, yeah. We thought so. …
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Planning for the Run for Her! Ovarian Cancer Run and Friendship Walk

ovarian cancer

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. Ovarian cancer has a special place in my heart—one of my dearest friends' mother passed away from this disease in November 2007. My friend Ann was one of the only people who offered up her couch when I moved back to LA in February of 2006 and meant it, …
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You Know You’re Trying to Get Pregnant When…

pregnancy tests

Unless you're one of the lucky ones who get knocked up just thinking about ovulating (and I'm not bitter, promise...hehe), it probably took you a few months of "practice" to get the deed done. So for those who are in the baby-making process—especially if that progress is taking months or years, we …
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When Being a New Mom Beats You Up and Wears You Down

newborn baby boy

We recently had an entire week dedicated to postpartum depression-related content. Jessica, who has shared her journey through pregnancy and who had her baby boy in February, shares some of the struggles she's been facing during the first months of motherhood. We want other moms to know that the …
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