As Predicted: The Pregnant Emotional Breakdown


I texted a pregnant friend of mine the other day, predicting an upcoming pregnant emotional breakdown. I'd been feeling so emotionally stable and hadn't had any hormone-driven crying sessions since those tear-jerking commercials at the Olympics back in February. So I knew a storm was brewing, and I …
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The Terrible, Terrible Twos: Is My Child a Bully?


The terrible twos came early. At 18 months, we are a few months into the stage. Let me give you a clear vision of this --- hitting, biting, impatience and being territorial. The hitting we have been working on. "Nice hands" and "gentle" are key words in my house. In fact, I feel like I'm set …
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Jerry Seinfeld’s Take on Bedtime Any Parent Can Relate To


I've long been a fan of Jerry Seinfeld. I think he's a hilarious comedian, and I still remember listening to one of his CDs back in high school, practically on repeat. His humor about children has always tickled my funny bone, like when he joked about kids discovering what Halloween is all about. I …
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The Time Betty Crocker Convinced Me I Could Make a Train Cake


When Kristen shared her failed cake-making adventure over on Fit Bottomed Eats, I laughed with her. But then when Betty Crocker turned against me, I had no choice but to laugh at myself. Hard. I planned to make a train cake for Owen's second birthday at the end of February. So like a good mommy …
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Preschool Talk: Take Me Back to 2012!


Once a week, my son and I participate in a Mommy and Me class. My girlfriend got me involved at the beginning of the school year, and I'm so glad she did. For Evan, the socializing with kids his age is so healthy, and the exposure to the older kids' language is key in his development. I went to …
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Baby’s First Steps: What’s the Rush?


As a parent, you live and breathe your child's milestones. Pamphlets surround the pediatrician's office that help parents understand their developing child. During my undergrad years when I was getting my bachelors of science in speech pathology and audiology, I memorized these milestones. I knew …
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