That Clean Life: Testing the Project Beach Body Two-Week Plan


I follow many health and fitness pages on all forms of social media. I’ve “met” many fitspirations and have even become a better cook for my lifestyle through the people I’ve connected with. For a while now, I’ve been following Abigail Keeso, a registered nurse who created That Clean Life through …
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Body After Baby: Your Mindset Matters

smiling pregnant woman weighing herself isolated on white

Body after baby is possibly the touchiest subject for most mamas. It's no secret that we gain weight during pregnancy; our bodies change and things shift. You know what I'm talking about. Body parts are seemingly no longer located in the domain they used to be in! Our bodies don't feel like they …
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Don’t Let the Scale Get You Down!

Happy Woman smiling on weighing scales at home asian

Morning sickness may be a crapshoot during pregnancy --- some have it, some don't --- but one sure thing is weight gain. And while some women never have a problem seeing that number grow ever larger over the course of pregnancy, others might get a little anxiety about the 25- to 35-pound jump in …
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My Weight-Loss Journey: Little Steps, Big Changes


My weight has been a constant battle in my life. Following college, I didn't love my outward appearance, and I was ready to make a change. It took seven years of yo-yo dieting and many tears before I locked a plan down. Prior to having Evan, I'd lost 60 pounds on Weight Watchers and went on to …
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Target’s (Thigh) Gap in Judgment


Target's had a rough go of it in the body image world lately, it seems. First there was the "manatee gray" controversy, in which a plus-sized dress color was named after a large, gentle sea creature, whereas the dress in regular sizes was simply called "dark heather gray." Then it put its plus-sized …
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Curbing Social Media’s Effect on Girls


I've talked at length about getting out of the comparison trap as a mom. It's so easy to compare yourself to the mom down the street who looks like she has it all together and it's easy to feel "less than" when you're feeling like you can barely keep your kids from splashing in the toilet or from …
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