Target’s (Thigh) Gap in Judgment


Target's had a rough go of it in the body image world lately, it seems. First there was the "manatee gray" controversy, in which a plus-sized dress color was named after a large, gentle sea creature, whereas the dress in regular sizes was simply called "dark heather gray." Then it put its plus-sized …
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Curbing Social Media’s Effect on Girls


I've talked at length about getting out of the comparison trap as a mom. It's so easy to compare yourself to the mom down the street who looks like she has it all together and it's easy to feel "less than" when you're feeling like you can barely keep your kids from splashing in the toilet or from …
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Miley’s Killer Confidence — And 9 Celebrity Body Image Moments We Love


Whether you loved or loathed it, approved of her twerking or not, Miley Cyrus did one thing right besides make history with her MTV Video Music Awards performance: She displayed a seriously high level of body confidence. You do have to hand it to her for having the courage to get up on a stage and …
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