Deck of Cards Workout: Quick, Full-Body and No Equipment Needed!


I know moms are super busy, and it's really hard to carve out an hour to hit the gym. That's why I wanted to share the third video in our 10-part The Fit Bottomed Girls Anti-Diet video series with all of the mamas in the house. In it, Jenn goes over a 10-minute workout that needs no equipment --- …
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6 Ways to Bust Through a Weight-Loss Plateau


It's easy to get stuck in a rut over the cold-weather months. With cold and rain, it's harder to get your sweat on, not to mention comfort foods tend to be calling your name. So summer can hit and you might feel slightly less than swimsuit ready. But have no fear --- we say you're swimsuit ready as …
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The Friend Everyone Needs: The BFF (Best Fit Friend)


We all have different friends that, for lack of a better way to phrase it, serve different purposes. There are the ones you've known since third grade who can be counted on to crack a funny inside joke from decades earlier. There are the ones you don't talk to as much but you know you're always on …
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I Am A Fusionista: Bringing Fusion Fitness Home With Me


My quads are trembling, my glutes are burning and my abdominals are screaming. As a fusionista, this is to be expected after class. I just never thought I could feel this way from doing home videos! Fusion Fitness makes sweat look sexy and a bad day feel oh-so good. What started out scary became …
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A Training, Time and Superfoods Brain Dump


I have about 50 things to cover with this post so just bear with my jumbled brain dump here. First of all, I have an exciting announcement tomorrow over on Fit Bottomed Girls about a Major Event I'll be doing mid-October. It's a big one, and I have been training like I haven't trained in a couple of …
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Strong Arms in Just 6 Moves


Over at Skinny Mom, Brooke Griffin shares tons of fab fitness goodies to help moms get into superb shape. Today she shares six moves that will strengthen your arms --- and we all know we need tons of arm strength as moms! Do this when you've got some time to spare or fit in a few of these moves here …
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8 Mind-Body Workouts That’ll Exercise Your Soul


Often, we work out for the physical benefits --- looking good and feeling great. But workouts can be good for your mind — think stress relief — and even your soul. Yep, with these spiritual workouts, you can get in touch with a higher power and do some self-reflection while you get physical. If you …
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Tips to Deal With the Unsavory (and Smelly!) Side Effects of Working Out


There are great side effects to working out, like looking good, feeling great and having gobs of energy. But some of the not-so-great side effects? Smelling bad. Sweat stains. Grubby workout clothes. Germy water bottles. To combat the stinkier side of a healthy life, Clorox has shared with us some …
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