33 Thoughts Moms Have During Labor


No single birth story is the same. From when labor happens (or, in my case, how long it takes to happen) to what kind of birth experience you're hoping for to how fast/slow and in what way baby makes its debut, there are a lot of variables. I was induced and had a pretty fast and intense birth …
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Couples Try Acroyoga


I have never tried acroyoga with my husband, but I do regularly do a version of it with my kids. Only we call it "Superman" where I let my kids fly while balancing their bodies on my feet. It's a serious workout, balancing wiggly little humans with your feet up in the air. They don't weight nothing, …
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23 Thoughts New Moms Have


Being a new mom is quite the adventure. All cliches aside (and, man, those cliches exist for a reason --- it really is hard, awesome and filled with spit-up, diapers and sleepless nights), it's kind of a big roller coaster. One day (or, heck, hour) you feel like you are super mom hear you roar …
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