Get Swimming With This Isis Maternity Suit (No Really, We’re Giving One Away!)


We have been touting all of the benefits of swimming when pregnant recently, so we thought we'd go ahead and back those benefits up with a sweet maternity swimming suit giveaway! Swimming is so good for the pregnant bod, and this Aqua Sphere Isis Maternity Suit will ensure that you're covered for …
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Unjunk Your Junk Food With This Book (We’re Giving It Away!)


I think we can all agree that junk food is no bueno. It's obviously best to get most of your calories from the most nutritious sources possible, like yummy fruits and veggies and lean proteins. But ... what about the times you really want a candy bar? Or nothing is going to cure your Oreo craving …
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The Balance Myth Book: Having It All Isn’t Easy, But It’s Doable!


Balance. That ideal and elusive spot where you feel in control of all facets of your life. We talk about it a lot here, so when I had the opportunity to read The Balance Myth: Rethinking Work-Life Success, I jumped at the chance. Written by former Fortune 200 COO Teresa Taylor, The Balance Myth …
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5 Eggs-ellent Kid-Friendly Ideas (and a Giveaway!)

Runny eggs shouldn't make you nervous if you're cooking with Safest Choice!

The following is a post sponsored by Safest Choice Eggs. For our sponsored post policy, click here. Confession: It may not be the most Fit Bottomed choice, but I love cookie dough. But every time I sneak a bite (or four) of cookie dough when I'm baking, I hear that angel on my shoulder. And not …
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Review: Mama Glow: A Hip Guide to Your Fabulous Abundant Pregnancy


Pregnant? Want a book that will help you embrace that mama-to-be glow? Mama Glow: A Hip Guide to Your Fabulous Abundant Pregnancy is the perfect guide to go on your nightstand right next to your tattered version of What to Expect. With a pregnancy outlook that's much more holistic and natural …
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Review and Giveaway: On-the-Move Munchkins

on the move munchkins

Sometimes the only way to get a workout in as a mom is to bring your kids along for the adventure. Am I right, or am I right? And even if you belong to a gym with a daycare, it's no guarantee you'll get a full workout in. The fallback? Working out at home. And On-the-Move Munchkins helps you do just …
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Tracey Mallett: The Booty Barre Beginners & Beyond Workout (With Giveaway!)

tracey mallett booty barre

I've been getting into a Pilates class at the gym lately, even though the instructor is a bit of a drill sergeant. I decided to pop in a workout DVD I've had on my shelf for awhile now by Tracey Mallet, who from past experience I know isn't as much of a drill sergeant. That's not to say she's not …
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Me2Roo: Workout Wear Solutions for the Belly and Beyond (with Giveaway!)

me2roo pregnant belly

When I was pregnant, I embraced the growing belly. I had no problem gaining weight for the cause, but the thing that annoyed me was finding clothing options. The two worst phases of the shifting body? As you're growing and you're too small for maternity clothing but too big for your regular duds, …
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Helping Moms Cross the Finish Line: Train Like a Mother (With a Giveaway!)

train like a mother

 As I mentioned yesterday, I've undertaken the challenge, Training For A 10K. And because I'm no running pro, I've had to go to some expert sources to get training advice. One book that has landed on my doorstep at just the right time? Train Like a Mother by the authors of Run Like a Mother and the …
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Working the Core with Gilad! (With a Giveaway!)

gilad lord of the abs

When you're pregnant, it's amazing the lengths (and widths!) your belly can stretch to. And once that kiddo arrives, it takes months for that belly to deflate, let alone regain strength. But core strength is so important, and not just so you can rock a bikini again, but for day-to-day living—you …
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