Barry’s Bootcamp After a 7-Year Workout Hiatus? Hilarious.


Jenn and I have been loving Self magazine's Girl vs. Sweat online video series. Funny workout newbies take on some of the hottest exercise classes --- with hilarious results. Jenn shared CrossFit rookie Laura Prangley's experience with her Workout of the Day recently, and I just have to share this …
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7-Minute Tire Circuit Workout


It's American Heart Health month, so we thought we'd spice your day up with this little workout routine. You likely use dumbbells and resistance bands in your everyday fitness routine, but unless you're a CrossFit mom, you probably don't use tires. Yep, tires! We've adapted this circuit tire workout …
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Reforming My Workouts with the Pilates Reformer


One of Kansas City's biggest half marathon events is in April, so you could imagine my excitement when I was able to get a bib before registration closed. This race fills up within a couple of weeks, and I jumped online soon as I saw it was time to sign up. My training was underway, and I had plenty …
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Postcard Workouts: Like a Personal Trainer in Your Mailbox (With a Giveaway!)


For many moms, at-home workouts are where it's at. Literally: getting to the gym is way too much trouble with young'uns. I'm lucky that my gym has great childcare, but even getting there can be difficult. And when gym memberships aren't an option and babysitters are scarce, it's easiest just to …
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Winter Workout Mojo Lagging? We’ve Got Motivation to Keep You Moving!


It's winter. Maybe not technically, but with the cold, it might as well be. I love certain things about winter --- the holidays, beautiful snow --- but it's always been my least favorite season. I get cold. I don't like the early darkness. I'd be pretty happy hibernating all winter. Not to mention …
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Leashes For Kids Are Looking More Appealing …


My kids make every workout an adventure, because sometimes just getting my kids into the gym and out of the gym is the hardest part of my workout. Before my son could walk, I would take the double stroller in, which kept both kids contained until I got to the child care center. But now that I've got …
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You’ve Got 5 Minutes, Right?


In training for my Tough Mudder, I've been doing anything and everything to whip my rear into gear. I recently shared a Workout I Did over on Fit Bottomed Girls, which used my new favorite app: Hot5. I'm a bit partial to it because a former personal trainer of mine is one of the masterminds behind …
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