Maternity Clothing to Show Off — and Work Out — Your Bump


Now that my baby bump is undeniable (strangers are starting to comment and ask when I'm due with no fear these days), I've pretty much grown out of all of my normal clothes. I have a few big sweatshirts, workout tanks and stretchy pants that still fit, but on the whole, my wardrobe has gone to all …
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Mom and Baby Yoga: Trying Mimi Z’s Parent and Tot Yoga Classes


Evan is so cute during Sesame Street Yoga. As soon as they begin their stretching, he mimics it. He follows along well and really enjoys it. I happened to be scrolling through Instagram (I swear I do more than just play on there!) and came across Mimi Z’s Yoga. Mimi is a traveling children’s yoga …
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Dear Yoga Pants …


You rock my world. You make any bad day good and any self-indulgent day feel justified. There is something about you that I have yet to figure out. Maybe it’s your elasticity, maybe it’s your slimming effects, but you have a way about you. You are kind to me during my worst days, the days when not …
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Need to Relax? Try This Quick Yoga Routine


One of my goals for the new year was to incorporate some element of a mind/body practice into each week. Whether it's a few minutes of yoga or even just taking time to breathe for a minute, it doesn't matter. It's not a big commitment, but I wanted to dedicate time to incorporating a little …
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5 Prenatal Yoga Poses to Help You Get Your Zen On


I loved doing yoga poses throughout my pregnancies when I had a spare minute. It's a nice way to relax, and sometimes, your body just needs that relief a good back stretch provides. It reminds you to take a moment for yourself to focus and breathe --- and there is nothing more relaxing than child's …
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5 Yoga Poses for Pregnancy Straight from a Pregnant Yoga Pro!


We loved Kristin McGee's tips for a healthy and energetic pregnancy. So when she shared her favorite yoga poses for pregnancy, we just knew we had to share them with you. Yoga is great for all people, but you may especially appreciate the practice during pregnancy when you don't feel like hitting …
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12 Tips for an Energetic and Fit Pregnancy

yoga resistance band

What pregnant mama-to-be couldn't use a little more energy during her pregnancy? Whether you feel great, like I did during my first pregnancy, or feel awful, like I did during my second, celeb trainer Kristin McGee is sharing tips that should help all moms have an energetic and fit pregnancy. …
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Intro to Kids’ Yoga—with Phresh Yoga Mats

Phresh mats let kids of all sizes get into the right yoga position!

We love fitness products that support fit, healthy fams. That's why we love products like these and these that get the whole family outside, moving together. Anything that gets everyone moving and having fun has our seal of approval! One of those products just landed in our inbox, so we knew we had …
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