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Mama Wants Her Body Back workout DVDs Unlike the recent Happy Baby, Fit Mama DVD that was a nice, gentle way to ease back into fitness for new moms, the Mama Wants Her Body Back series is more of back-into-shape boot camp for moms who mean fitness business.

Out of the six DVDs you see at left, I tried four: Body, Arms, Abs and Booty. The Body DVD is the most comprehensive. It features three 20-minute workouts and three bonus 10-minute ab routines. Instructor Lisa Druxman (who also created Stroller Strides) leads you through the workouts, which include a quick warm-up, five intervals that each include cardio, strength and core, and a cool down. Lisa means business and is a multitasking queen. You hold the supplied resistance tubing for most of the workout to constantly work your posture, arms and core. The cardio bursts are simple yet effective, the strength segments incorporate several muscle groups, and the core portions target your mid-section while letting you catch your breath for a quick second. I love the on-screen progress bars and the countdowns—they help you know exactly how much time you have remaining in your interval so you know you can give it your all.

The Arms DVD reminded me that while I think I’m a bad-ass because I carry around pounds of baby paraphernalia, there is no substitute for traditional arm exercise. This 26-minute workout had my arms on fire. The resistance tubing is unforgiving, so there is no dropping to a lighter weight—you either have to take a break or suck it up and challenge yourself, unless you have a stretchier, more forgiving resistance band at home. I challenged myself, but I did have to take a break or two! You’ll hit biceps, shoulders, and triceps, but also your core and legs as you do many of the exercises in lunge positions.

The Abs/Advanced Core DVD incorporates a Bender Ball to target the core. This workout is Pilates-inspired and incorporates both standing ab work and floor exercises. You work on balance, but you’ll also hit the thighs and buns with bridges and leg lifts. The 39-minute Booty DVD includes five rounds of strength and core work. Lots of lunges will have you burning your buns and adding the resistance tubing to squats will challenge you.

I love that Lisa doesn’t forget that everyone is at a different fitness level, so her backup exercisers always show modifications. It’s also fantastic that she works the core into so much of the series and really makes the best use of time. Mix and match any of these DVDs, and you’ll be toned in no time!

FBG Rating (Out of 5):
Instruction: ★★★★
Long-Term Likeability:★★★★
Music: ★★★
Fun Factor: ★★★
Meets Expectations: ★★★★

Overall: ★★★★

Fit Bottom Line: This workout is great for anyone who wants to kick their postpartum routine up a notch or two to see results!

Tune in tomorrow for our Q&A with the series’ instructor and creator of Stroller Strides, Lisa Druxman! —Erin

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  1. Be wary and read the fine print. $9.99 is for a vhs. Then they automatically enroll you in a “preview plan” that they charge you monthly for but then you get videos twice a month at a bargain rate of $46.97 when you add the 2 months together that you paid for the videos. So unless you want to get roped into hundreds of dollars unknowingly, read the fine print! Ask questions because they don’t put how long you will make monthly payments, and definitely consider canceling immediately after the initial order. Sad that a program for moms is one of the biggest tricks I’ve seen from a workout video program. Very said. I have not viewed the video yet, but will be calling now to cancel once I got further clarification on what the preview program really is. If I could I would never have ordered in the first place after feeling like I am being tricked into a very expensive program.

  2. If you read reviews and research anything you buy from tv before buying it there will be all sorts of information about the monthly charges, how it worked for some and not for others, and how the plan starves you to death. I ordered it and am looking forward to trying, but I cancelled it after I got it in the mail so I would not be charged monthly and if I like it then I will deffinately be buying the next set. Good luck ALL!!!!!!!!

  3. Such a shame, the lady in the video seemed to really care about the moms she is helping with her exercises…BUYER BEWARE this is the biggest scam I have ever experienced. A month after I got the first set of DVDs I got charged another $26.98, when I called to find out why the person at Mama Wants said I had signed up for an on-going program. I DID NOT sign up for anything additional, so they said they would cancel it and all I had to do is return the 2nd set of videos. I noticed on my account again today they took out another $19.99 when I called and asked to speak to a supervisor I was hung up on. I called back & they say a month later they have still not received the return package, but assured me again my order has been cancelled. Also, if they ever do credit me back my money they will keep $6.99 for shipping and handling. I really think the Attorney General should look into this company.

  4. What a total rip off. I JUST checked my online banking and there is a debit from my account for what I thought was just the initial purchase program.
    Surprisingly not a single customer service rep has replied to my emails and I had to file at my bank for a dispute. PLEASE do NOT buy from this program as they will KEEP taking money from what ever card you purchase from. Although the workouts actually do work and make you stronger, this does not help as it is VERY aggrevating!

  5. I wa seriously contemplating getting this dvd, but decided to check out the website and what was being said.

    I thank ALL of those ladies that went the extra mile to respond after their order and not just letting other get ripped off. Websites like this should be fined!



  6. I suspect that most of the weight loss is due to stress from finding out that you’ve been taken for a ride.
    After reading these reviews I’ll probably try to find it retail or get a bootleg copy.
    I did see the tiny blend in the background print about the $9 price being for vhs. At first I thought it was probably because the infomercial was produced before vhs completely faded out of existance and dvd became the main form of viewing media.
    Then I read the reviews above and realised that it is for real.
    Sad, that mail ordering has come to this.
    The companies charge outrageous shipping prices and that’s where their money is made.$10 to $15 to ship dvds? That’s ok I’ll spend my money on the kiddos and starve the weight off.

  7. I ordered the Mama wants dvd set and was first very aggrivated that it took FOREVER to actually order it since they kept offering more and more items. That was VERY frustrating! Then, every time I track my order, it says it is on back order. I just told the customer service person I talked to that I better receive it soon or they are gonna be sorry they messed with me. Good thing I ordered it on a prepaid visa card so they can’t take out any more money than what is on the card!!!

  8. Glad I read this. I have already purchased it but did not realize they would be charging me again if I don’t call and cancel the subscription they signed me up for involuntarily. They kind of sneak that bit of information in there don’t they???
    One thing that bothers me is they say you have 30 day guarantee from the day of purchasing. Only problem is it’s been over 2 weeks since I purchased this and I have yet to receive it. Checked the website and the estimated date of arrival is not for another week which will make it a little over 3 weeks which reduces my “Money back guarantee” down to about a week. Should be more like “We say 30 day guarantee but unless you’re willing to pay out the whazoo to get it shipped right away then it will be more like a One week guarantee. Also, this is not just a one time buy. We will also be drafting money out of your account automatically each month…”
    Yeah, looks like it will be a good workout but seems like Lisa Druxman is more concerned with filling her wallet even if it hurts us Mothers.

  9. Wish I would have come here first – helps me remember to NEVER trust infomercials. Got through the ordering process before it came to the ‘upgrade to DVD for only $3.00’ section. Really? First of all, who in the name of God buys/sells/produces VHS anymore? Secondly – there are no depictions of VHS products during the infomercial or on the website.

    There is no way to cancel or stop the order once you’ve provided your credit card information, which is when you find out about all the extras you’ve ordered.


  10. BUYER BEWARE!!!! It is not $12.95!!!! After a month they will charge your account again for a different amount….$ 26.95 and if you don’t check you account you won’t know it. Total rip off……company should be ashamed of themselves…they will keep charging you if you don’t know it. TOTAL RIP OFF.

  11. I’m a mom of 4. I’ve never worked out before, & for the first time I tried this DVD. After the first 3 reps I was out of breath. I’ll keep on & see what happens. I love it! Wish me luck….

  12. I ordered What Mama Wants DVDs in April (charged $21.91), but am just now opening the package. I just received a second package and was charged an additional $26.98. I immediately called to cancel. I was told that they would cancel immediately, but that there is another $19.99 that is scheduled to be billed the end of the month and that would be my last payment. I asked what for and was told that the second package was actually $46 something, but was broken up into two payments. I must say that I was not very happy, especially since the secon package was to include two food journals and a bender ball. These items were not included in the package. They eventually agreed not to withdraw the the final $19.99. BUYER BE WARE!!!!!

  13. Mama’s do not need extra issues, I was about to order this product until I read all the problems everyone was having. Thanks to all that endured the hassle and posted to prevent more from being sucked in.

  14. Inspite of Cancelling the Subscription, they have charged my card twice for 19.99 in addition to initial charge! Company seems like Scam!

  15. Hello,
    I want to thank EVERYONE of the mammas that have given these reviews. Thank goodness I researched and found this site before I ordered! I cannot belive it! It’s sad how such a good thing for a mamma come out so costly! I’m sorry for any of you that got tooken for a ride, but your bad reviews will ost definitely help out!

  16. I have to say that no mater how you get these videos it is worth it. When is the last time a work out video has taken in account how we really feel about our body after children ? Or explains that no matter what you do no diet will change you for life. She teaches you how to stop the treadmill of dieting and believe me, you do have the power. You have a choice to want to change your life and make it better. You learn how to take control of your life and be powerful in your own right and this is what she helps a person to discover in their selves. One day at a time in her encouraging videos whether it is 10 or 20 min. Its all about you and becoming a better person for you and your family. A healthy choice in food is just one small change at a time. Understanding that taking the time you so that you can be there to take care of the family is a very good thing. So do your self a favor, try them and watch her intro video before you move on to the work out video and you will began to connect the dots. If not then send it back but at least you have had a chance to form your own opinion . For me to know that there is a better way to become healthy without beating myself up about the extra pounds or the extra inch was what i needed to believe in my self . I am deserving of so much more than i allowed my self to believe an d I will accomplish this one day at a time to become a healthier, stronger, and happier person… this I now know and believe.