★MomStars: Interview with Tracey Mallett

Tracey Mallett interviewTracey Mallett recently kicked—and firmed—my rear with her The Booty Barre: Total New Body workout DVD. As a mom of two (Amber, 9 and Ty, 7) and a fit professional, she knows a thing or two about balancing family and fitness. Read on for how she manages to carve out time for herself and for why Total New Body works for getting moms back into shape!

Interview with Tracey Mallett

  • FBM: What were your favorite activities and workouts during pregnancy?
  • TM: Seems just like yesterday, but that’s how quick children grow! My favorite workouts were Pilates, light strength training and elliptical for cardio, as it was low impact.
  • FBM: What was your experience getting back into shape after pregnancy? Any lessons learned to share with new moms?
  • TM: A struggle like most moms, but mostly because I placed too much of a high expectation on getting back into shape super quickly. After the second pregnancy, I got back in shape very quickly due to being more careful with my eating portions through the pregnancy. I exercised through both pregnancies, but I did go a little overboard with eating in the first! You only need an extra 200 to 300 calories in your pregnancy—not 1,000! So please remember this when you start saying “I’m eating for two now.”
  • FBM: What does a typical workout week look like for you?
  • TM: I do my workout The Booty Barre four times a week, Pilates, and I run five to six times a week for about 25 minutes to release stress and listen to my pumping music.
  • FBM: How do you balance “you time with the demands of motherhood?
  • TM: I have a lot of support from my family and friends, plus I make my schedule around my kids. I work mornings then pick up the kids in the afternoon and become the taxi driver to their activities. Finding balance is always a struggle, but my children come first!
  • FBM: Any tips on sneaking in time for workouts?
  • TM: Don’t underestimate small amounts of time; you can all find 10 minutes here and there. I always plan my workouts for the week just like I would my kids’ activities. If it’s not planned it will not happen; you have to do the same!
  • FBM: What’s been the biggest challenge of motherhood?
  • TM: Not feeling guilty for doing something for yourself. You’re the caretaker of the family; if you’re not healthy, how do you expect your kids to be?
  • FBM: Any advice for other moms on how to keep the family healthy and active?
  • TM: Sometimes I go for a run, and I have my kids ride their bikes along with me or we go hiking together, which they love. I teach them about what food does for their body and how it makes them feel healthy, improves their sports and allows them to live a long happy life.
  • FBM: What do you think your Total New Body workout offers that others don’t? Why might new moms want to try it?
  • TM: The Booty Barre-Total New Body is such a fun workout and very unique that the time passes so quickly that you even forget you’re exercising. The dance element is good for the soul and gets you moving. The movements use every single body part and are challenging but OH SO WORTH IT, as they really target the legs and help to get rid of cellulite plus the lower-belly pooch. Moms love The Booty Barre as it works those hard-to-change areas of the body—the abs and booty—plus they start to feel sexy again!
  • FBM: What current projects are you involved in?
  • TM: Spreading The Booty Barre across the world doing teacher training programs. I will be visiting Spain and Turkey this year presenting Pilates and Fitness, plus introducing The Booty Barre. I’m also starting a new website with video tips and solutions for busy moms and professional women called TraceyMallett.TV.
  • FBM: Any other thoughts or advice for our Fit Bottomed readers?
  • TM: Whatever you love, do it—actively go and find a workout that you enjoy. Even if you have little time, this still counts to finding your passion and goals in life.

A big thanks to Tracey for sharing her fit thoughts! Now I’m off to schedule some me-time on my calendar. —Erin


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