Popchips Will Pop You in the Mouth With Delicious (Want to Get Popped?)

popchipsWhen a box of popchips arrived on my doorstep, I practically had to defend them with a stick to keep my husband from getting them all before I could try them. I don’t think I succeeded, as he actually got to all of the Sea Salt & Vinegar variety before I got any.

This new-fangled potato chip isn’t fried—unhealthy, the company says—or baked, dubbed undelicious by the company. It’s popped, to keep the flavor in and half the fat out. What’s “popped” exactly? A combo of heat and pressure before a potato “pops” into chip-being. The company keeps it real with natural flavors, no phony colors, no fake flavor or preservatives. At 100 calories a bag, you’re definitely not going to break the caloric bank, and the single-serve bags help if you’re like me and can’t eat just one of any potato chip. With no trans fats, and only .5 grams of saturated fat in a couple of the versions, it’s a snack you won’t feel guilty about munching.

Although the husband stole the Sea Salt & Vinegar, I did get to try the numerous other options: Original, Barbecue, Sour Cream & Onion, Salt & Pepper, Cheddar, and Parmesan & Garlic. The taste verdict? My favorites were Original, Barbecue, and Sour Cream & Onion, while my husband chowed down on the Cheddar and Salt & Pepper with abandon. The chips are thicker than a standard Lay’s chip and heartier than a baked chip. Basically, pick your favorite flavor and you’re not going to be disappointed in the popchip version of it.

Want to find your fave popchip? Enter to win a month’s supply of popchips. Yep, a month! Just head over to facebook to “like” popchips and/or follow @popchips on twitter. Then, comment below with what your favorite potato chip flavor is, and we’ll randomly select a lucky reader to win. Winners will be notified by email; U.S. residents only, please. Get munching! —Erin

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  1. I love a good old fashioned original potato chip. Yum…with low-fat cottage cheese to dip!

  2. Plain, cheddar, sour cream & onion. Really I like them all. I’m not sure I can actually pick a favorite.

  3. I looove the BBQ flavor, but I’m dying to try the Cheddar, Sour Cream and Onion, and Salt and Pepper flavors (just haven’t managed to find them in my area yet)

  4. I have to go with the sour cream & onion. Yum! They used to have a jalapeno flavor that I loved though.

  5. LOVE Popchips! Give me the plain old potato chip flavor any day 🙂 I love that they’re not half bad for you, so on the few occassions when I do break-down and eat too many, I haven’t done as much damage as I do with regular chips!

  6. I have only tried a few flavors. I didn’t even know they had a garlic-parmesan one! That will surely become my favorite when I get my hands on it.

  7. I’m a traditional girl….love love love plain! They burst with potato flavor and nips my craving for a savory without sabotaging myself!

  8. I love the original flavor, only thing is if I get the big bag I tend to overindulge, so I get a snack sized bag every week.

  9. BBQ and Salt and Vinegar are my 2 favorite flavors. So hard to choose just one! 😉 Alright…BBQ it is.

  10. I have only tried sour cream and onion so far but I have a feeling I will love salt and pepper and salt and vinegar

  11. Salt & Pepper. Yum, yum, yum. Also really like the BBQ. But I always but S&P if the store has it.

  12. I FINALLY found popchips at my local Target- whoohoo! Salt & Vinegar rocks, but I want to expand my taste bud horizons and try some of the other flavors. Keep on poppin’!!!

  13. Waa Hoo! NOBODY could be more excited about possibly winning a month’s supply of PopChips than I am!

    I would eat them on a plane. I would eat them on a train. I would eat them in a car. I would eat them near & far. I would eat them in the air. I would eat them ANYwhere!

    Hope I get points for enthusiasm! Bring on the PopChips & I’ll tweet about ’em every time I eat ’em!

  14. The best thing with an Italian sub is the sour cream and onion Popchips! Nothing but delicious flavor and guilt free! YUM!