Fly Away With the WingFlyer (With Giveaway!)

WingFlyerWe get to try a lot of seriously cool products around here, and my most recent trial might be one of my faves. It might also be one of the largest review items I’ve ever gotten in the mail.

Scooters are all the rage these days—at least if you judge by the kids in my neighborhood, which is really my only frame of reference. So when WingFlyer offered up its scooter-bike hybrid toy, I was on board. I wanted to be like all the cool kids.

The WingFlyer is available in a few versions. The Z100 supports up to 160 pounds (ages 8 to 12) and runs about $249. The $289 WingFlyer Extreme is designed for rough riders, with a swivel handlebar and a reinforced steel frame for rough landings (cue moms cringing!). The Z150, which I tried, works for kids and kiddos at heart, supporting up to 220 pounds—ages 8 to adult. It comes in at $329.

A little bit of assembly was required—attaching the pedals and the handlebar. It was simple enough, I knew what I had to do, but it took some strength to unscrew the part where you attach the handlebar. I finally gave up and passed it along to my husband who was able to attach it after putting some serious muscle into it. Maybe it was a fluke because it seemed like excessive tightening for apart that had to be undone just to assemble the product.

So how is the ride? Really fun! It takes a bit of practice all around, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a really fun time—not to mention excellent exercise. Your legs get moving, your heart gets pumping, and your whole body and core gets balance training. In fact, I thought finding my balance was the toughest part, but once you get pedaling it’s easy to maintain—much like riding a bike. Once you learn to coordinate the step-action, the steering and the breaks, you’re golden. The product is really solid and well-made. The handlebar height can be adjusted to fit the user, perfect if an 8-year-old is going to be sharing the product with a parent. And trust me, parents will want to kick their kids off to try it themselves.

Are you looking to get your kids outside more? Or just want a scooter for yourself? Comment below to enter to win our WingFlyer giveaway! Just tell us why you want to wingfly! Winners will be chosen randomly in about a week; U.S. residents only, please. —Erin


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  1. Oh my goodness… My son would LOVE this!! This is awesome! I’m pretty sure his sister would feel the same way:)

  2. This looks like great fun! I biked a lot this past summer, but since my knee is almost fully healed now (ACL replacement in 2010), I’d love to add more to my exercise repertoire.

  3. oh this looks so fun. i would love to get one for myself and my daughter
    mychancetowin at gmail dot com

  4. I have a toy scooter with 2 dolls on it, on my nightstand. I have always wanted one of these! Definitely a kiddo at heart and crossing my fingers I win!! Thanks for reviewing these–they look so cool and a great prize!

  5. I would love it. I think it would be a great way for me to get in a workout, even with having Multiple sclerosis. It would be soooo fun.

  6. I want to win because I live near a park with paved paths, and this would be so much fun to ride there!

  7. What a great, fun way to get my exercise in. I could now tool around the neighborhood with my sons when they scooter the streets!

  8. Over the course of two years and nine months I lost over 270 pounds. I now love being active and am always looking for new ways to be active and have fun. This sounds like it would be a great way to enjoy the outdoors and get in a nice workout! This is such a great prize! Thank you for offering it!

  9. I would like the adult size for my hubby. Then he could go with me while I ride my bike.

    nineteen19 at blackfoot dot net

  10. This would be limitless fun! It’s birthday season at our house and fall is always filled with parties and bike rides…a scooter is a perfect addition!

  11. I would love to share this scooter with my two boys. They would love love love it! We would put miles on it at our nearby park. Looks like FUN!

  12. I live out in the country and when my grandchildren come out to visit it would be a great way to get them outside and exercising in the fresh air. 🙂

  13. I would love to win one because I have back problems and riding a bike causes too much discomfort.
    If I won this, then I could go with my daughtervwhen she rides her bike. Thanks.

  14. This would be AWESOME for my kids to take turns on when I start to train to run a 10K next year. I’m shooting for running the 5K for ACS Making Strides in 13 days for the first time since we started walking in 2006. My kids just aren’t up for a 3-5 mile run and they share a bike, since 1 always seems to break down, so this would be an AWESOME Christmas present for Santa to give them to even out the bike fight.

  15. Since I had my hip replaced about 4 years ago, I look for all the different types of cardio I can do. Why do I do it? Because after injuring my hip in a car accident in ’82, I waited 26 years before I could get a replacement. For 26 years it got harder and harder for me to workout. Yet, I stayed with it. Doctors told me I’d have to have a replacement by the time I was 40 but I was going to show them. I went 6 years past that! But I worked out 2 days right before I had surgery. I spent the previous 3 weeks building up my upper body strength knowing I’d need it to help myself be model for a while. It worked too! I had no strain or achy muscles.

    I even did some work (I work in the retail industry as a merchandiser) just 15 days after surgery! I’ve been on a roll ever since.

    The WingFlyer would be not only a joint-friendly and fun way for me to work, but also to continue my fitness lifestyle and surpassing anyone’s expectations of what a person can do after a hip replacement.

  16. I would love to win this for my grandson. We have a bike trail across the street from us and this would be perfect to use the Scooter on.

  17. Oh wow! This looks awesome! I love riding my bike, but this would be a great addition to my workout routine. It reminds me of the elliptical trainer at the gym – my favorite cardio machine. But it’s even better because you get to be outside and use it.

  18. Wow! This looks like a great activity for all the kids (and parents with aging knees). I’d love one!

  19. I would love this for my son so he could go with me on my runs!! He try to keep up with his manual scooter now but gets too tired this would be perfect for him!!!

  20. I would love this scooter for my grandchildren. Such good exercise for them and so much fun at the same time!!

  21. I would like to win one of these for my grandson because he has been wanting a scooter
    rjs682 at yahoo dot com

  22. I would love to give it a try. My son will probably quickly prove that he’s better at it than me, but still looks like fun!!