A Doll That Sets a Great Example: Go! Go! Sports Girls Dolls (and a Giveaway!)

Go! Go! Sports Girls Dolls soccer
Sporty soccer player Cassie is ready to play!

When an email from Go! Go! Sports Girls Dolls landed in my inbox, I got genuinely excited. Unlike some dolls that don’t exactly set the best example for little girls, the Go! Go! Sports Girls are designed to promote self-appreciation and the benefits of daily exercise, healthy eating and sleeping habits, self-esteem, and overall positive life skills for girls. As a mom to a little girl, I’m always trying to make sure I’m setting a good example when it comes to eating right, being active and appreciating the body I have, so the Go! Go! philosophy of “appreciate and be true to yourself” is definitely something I can get behind.

Designed for ages 3 to 12, each of the plush Go! Go! Sports Girls is dressed and ready for her sport, with accessories included. Soccer player Cassie has her soccer ball (left), and golfer Brooke has her club and golf ball. Suzi swimmer wears her sporty swimsuit and goggles. No matter what sport a girl is interested in, one of the sports dolls is bound to appeal to her, with a total of 11 dolls available. Even activities like dance and gymnastics are represented! Love it.

These dolls would be great for Christmas and birthdays for any little girl in your life. And at really affordable prices online (I’ve seen them as low as $12.95!), this item won’t break the bank. Check out the video for more on the girl-power message of these dolls.

Can’t see the video? Click here to see more on the Go! Go! Sports Girls Dolls!

Want to win a doll for a girl you know? Comment below telling me which of the dolls you’d give, and you’ll be entered to win! Winners will be chosen in about a week. U.S. residents only, please! —Erin

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  1. I LOVE the idea of these dolls. I think every one of them are awesome. I think that they should consider a book to be given along with them tailored to each one, not a long book, just something short that gives each of them a little more background and maybe a few empowering words as to why each sport is beneficial to a girl and what makes that girl strong and important as it focuses on building the girls confidence.
    If I were to have to choose just 1 of them, I would probably go for either Ella, the Runner or Suzi the Swimmer. I love them all, though. I also know TONS of girls that are younger than my daughter that would love to have them. Definitely going to spread the word about them and your giveaway! Thanks!

  2. These are SUPER cute & what an awesome idea. Young girls influenced so easily by all the “ideal” dolls on the market today. I would give it to my niece. Definitely the soccer doll:) LOVE:)

  3. My daughter started playing basketball and is having a lot of fun. I would definitely get her the basketball doll. Such a great idea.

  4. So cute. A dance doll would be perfect for a friend of mines daughter — who is just starting dance class! Such a great way to encourage young girls!

  5. Cuuuuute! I would give Ella the runner doll to my 10-yr-old niece. I was visiting her last year when I was in town to run a big-city destination race. One morning I when I geared up to go for a run, she wanted to know what my Garmin GPS watch was all about. After I explained that it can measure the distance of how far I run, she put on her shoes and immediately wanted to go out and measure the distance of the farm’s driveway that leads out to the road. She wanted me to find out how many laps of the driveway she would have to run in order to run a mile. Of course I delayed my long run for that project! I love that some of the proceeds of this doll go to Girls on the Run, a running and self esteem program for elementary aged girls.

  6. My little girl loves to run and even watched the NYC Marathon with me. She often rides her bike while I run and jumps off to run with me. Ella the runner would be perfect for her!

  7. I am a nanny for an adorable 6 year old girl who just LOVES to dance. She usually has me join in on the fun! I know she would adore M.C. the dancer!

  8. I would love to give my daughter Ella. To help overcome her weight issue, my daughter and I run at the track of our high school every other day. She has become so much happier and healthier. She’d love Ella as her running buddy.

  9. I would definitely pick Ella the runner for my little girl! I run and my daughter loves looking at my race pictures and can’t wait til she can run herself!