Rachel Zoe Motherhood Spoof: It’s Hilarious. And Literally Bananas

I fell in love with The Rachel Zoe Project the day after one of those all-nighters with a newborn that leaves you cross-eyed with exhaustion. I’d never seen it before, and there was an all-day marathon on Bravo. The baby and I snuggled up and watched like eight straight hours of the Zoe.

It was fun to watch the latest season of the show during her pregnancy because it gave her a different dimension. And it’s cool to see how motherhood changes someone who wouldn’t previously slow down for anything. Although, I must say that her ability to wear drapey dresses and remain insanely fashionable is mind boggling. Kudos to anyone who can wear heels all the time, never mind during her third trimester!

I came across this Rachel Zoe spoof recently, showcasing “Rachel” as a new mom. It is hilarious, down to the European cage-free crib.

Can’t see the video? Click here to see the Rachel Zoe motherhood video.

Seriously, Rachel is so maj, is she not? —Erin 

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