A Sweaty Laundry Problem Solved: This Product Makes Yellow Armpit Stains Disappear

deo-goI know I’ve mentioned it, but why not bring up a grody topic like underarm odor again? The problem with that particular brand of sweat—besides the lovely aroma, of course—is the likelihood that light-colored clothing will get those ugly yellow armpit stains. And seriously, I may be sporting fresh snot or dried drool on my clothing a mere hour after I get dressed, and I may have hair that makes me look crazy, but I draw the line at pit stains. Even I have standards. But Jenn recently reviewed an awesome new product that will save your white and light clothing—and maybe even your hubby’s, too. How did it work? Read on! —Erin

Make Yellow Armpit Stains a Thing of the Past

Confession: I purposely don’t buy a lot of white shirts or tanks to work out in because, well, they just get gross in the armpit region. And yellow. And did I mention gross? I’ve heard my girlfriends complain of this, too, but it’s a huge bummer to have to ditch your favorite white workout apparel just because of some yellow armpit stains. Luckily, Deo-Go does a pretty good job—and I was seriously skeptical at first. I thought there was no way something without bleach could get the yellow out—even on color garments. But apparently I was wrong because Deo-Go stood up to my gnarliest of tests. I busted out my favorite white workout T, which sadly was covered with a good six months of old, yellowed deodorant in the armpit zone. And after spraying the Deo-Go until the yellowed area was really wet, scrubbing it like crazy, letting it sit for 20 minutes and then washing it by itself on a normal setting, my shirt came back de-yellowed.

Now, I will say that Deo-Go smells a bit like paint, and it says to wash your hands right after use, so there are some strong chemicals in there for sure. And having to do each shirt one by one in the wash is some work, but for those favorite white shirts that have been ruined, this is certainly a way to revive them. I still don’t see myself going to an all-white workout wardrobe (for reasons other than yellow armpits), but for the ones I really, really love? Well, this is a shirt-saver indeed. And at about $10 for a bottle of Deo-Go (much cheaper than a new white shirt!), the company says you can expect to save about 15 shirts from Yellow Armpit Syndrome per bottle.

Do you get fun yellow armpit stains, too? Would you try Deo-Go to get them out? Share your armpitty truth! Ew… —Jenn



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  1. does it also remove weird remaining stink from non-light-colored shirts/tanks? because that’s my bigger issue right now.

  2. Peroxide works as well and up don’t have to scrub and wash separately. If they’re really bad use peroxide AND vinegar (this mixture becomes per acetic acid) it works great and costs less than $5 for both a gallon of vinegar and a HUGE bottle of peroxide.

  3. Jess this SHOULD remove that odor as well. U could actually just use vinegar for the odor and allow it to sit a while but wash before it dries and add vinegar to the rinse cycle to give a double whammy.