Celebrating Moms of Multiples with Twin Week!

Double the fun! Credit: surlygirl

Being a parent is at times overwhelming—like when dinner’s on the stove, and you drop a plate and have to try to keep both the barefoot toddler and the dog from stepping in and eating shards of glass. Not that I’d know of that particular scenario from experience or anything. But because that is just one of the scenarios a mom deals with in a given day, I’m of the opinion that all moms are heroes.

But there is a certain breed of mom who is a superhero: the mom of multiples. I’ve seen the twin mom firsthand. My neighbor Margie has twins who were born just six weeks after my daughter. I truly don’t know how she manages the juggling act, but color me impressed. She somehow manages to keep it all together yet is thankfully not one of those moms who pretends it’s easy. She’s saved my sanity on many occasions because no matter what craziness I’m dealing with, it’s almost a guarantee that she’s dealing with it, too. Times two!

This week, we’ll be honoring moms of multiples with special content. We’ll be sharing tips and experiences from twin moms and will have other fun and funny twin posts. For you mamas, Mother’s Day should come twice a year!

Any twin (or more!) mamas out there? Speak up if you have any free hands to type! —Erin

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  1. I was lucky to have twin identical girls for my first birth (found out at my first ultrasound at 5 months that I was having twins, a whole other story). I did not undress them at the same time for the first 9 weeks for fear of mixing them up. One was always in pink and one was always in purple (their favorite colors to this day). It’s not until they got a little older and their two little brothers came along that I felt bad for singletons. My 5 year old doesn’t have a built in best friend like my 7 year old twin girls do. My poor 5 year had to play with his 3 year old little brother or me. What really impresses me is how working moms do it. You guys amaze me. I invented a product and started a company and don’t know how you guys manage to do it all. I am always ‘on the computer’ according to my kids. 🙁 However, they are always happy to send me out on my run, something about how I’m much more calm if I get my run done for the day. It’s true! I think the big downside to having twins was the stretch marks. Honestly I wouldn’t call them stretch marks so much, more like I now have a map of the world on my tummy. Good job all mama’s for getting your workouts in, mom’s rock!
    Happy mom to Avery (7) Alexis (7), Ayden (5) and Alexander (3)

  2. Yeah for the Twin moms! My twins are 8 now and I’ve lived to talk about it. Wouldn’t even trade the hardest day. Whenever I felt sorry for myself hauling two car seats around all I had to do was think of the woman down the street with triplets, a 3-year-old and a husband deployed in Iraq. Perspective!