A Bit of Potty Training Humor

My daughter is almost 22 months old. Becoming more aware by the day of bathroom habits (and humor). She’s now able to undress herself and is starting to become more verbal about issues of the bathroom. For a while, we thought she was going to be one of those geniuses who trained early, but then she lost interest, the baby came along and any ideas of potty training were put on the back burner. But now? I know it’s just around the bend. And while I’m looking forward to not drowning in diapers any more, I know the potty training process will be some work. Which is why it’s good that there’s potty training humor to be had. Gotta keep it light, right?

Can’t see the video? Click here to get a load of some potty training humor!

It’s funny because I’m sure it’s happened. Any lessons to share from your adventures in potty training? —Erin 

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  1. Ah, potty training! My least favorite part of motherhood. I would rather have given birth every morning than go through the 2-3 weeks of h#$* that it took to potty train my son. My daughter was SO easy to train – just one weekend. Lesson learned from training my son: don’t try potty training if they are already a little constipated and don’t let it become a power struggle! I ultimately ended up putting him in underwear all the time when we were home and telling him that it was up to him to go potty (he had done it before many times, just didn’t want to). After countless messes something finally clicked for him, and now we are a diaper-free house!