A Healthier Breakfast in Bed

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We’re all about spoiling moms this week with our Pampering Week theme—because every mama needs a little TLC!

I hope every mom gets a wonderful breakfast in bed this weekend, complete with a little bit of time to eat it. Breakfast favorites like French toast, pancakes and bacon may not be the healthiest items, but because oatmeal doesn’t always cut it for special occasions, we’ve got some ideas for you! Today, healthy comfort food chef, weight-loss expert and New York Times bestselling author Devin Alexander shares a few simple swaps for a healthier breakfast. Share them with whoever will be bringing you breakfast in bed!

Simple Swaps for a Healthier Breakfast

  • Use an olive oil mister, not only to mist pans, but also to spray on top of foods that would otherwise be fried after they emerge from the oven.
  • Swap more refined sugars for coconut sugar (aka palm sugar). It won’t spike blood sugar, so you won’t have cravings in the same way. (Note: Because it come from the palm leaves of the coconut tree, not the fruit, it tastes similar to brown sugar and not at all like coconut).
  • I find that Greek yogurtmakes an excellent substitute for sour cream when making dips or topping flavor-packed dishes!
  • Center-cut bacon, which is actual pork bacon that’s 30 to 40 percent leaner, is a great substitute, especially for those who just don’t care for turkey bacon.
  • Use whole-wheat pizza dough for the base of danishes and buttery pastries. It also works for soft pretzels.
  • Panko or whole-wheat panko bread crumbs make for an excellent crispy breading that isn’t fried.
  • Where possible, opt for egg whites instead of whole eggs.

Will you be enjoying breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day? What dish will you request? —Erin

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