Wednesday Pampering Week Giveaway: Pure Barre DVDs and Workout Goodies!

pure barre giveawayWe’re all about spoiling moms this week with our Pampering Week theme—because every mama needs a little TLC!

Need new workout goodies to motivate you to get your workout groove going? Pure Barre is coming to the rescue! The Pure Barre workout, which I’ll be reviewing next month, is a ballet-inspired workout that uses small movements to get you toned. The workout is especially great for new moms, as there is no impact and it targets new-mom trouble zones like the core, hips and thighs. The Pure Barre success stories on the website are inspiring!

One lucky winner will receive two Pure Barre workout DVDs, a Pure Barre ball and a pair of stickie socks. Fun!

To enter, just tell us in the comments how this prize will help you in your fitness endeavors! Winners will be notified in about a week. U.S. residents only, please! —Erin


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  1. This is a great giveaway! i’ve heard great things about this workout, but there’s not a studio where I live so I thought I’d never get to try it. I have a toddler and would love to have another child, so staying in shape (especially after pregnancy) is a big priority for me. I’m especially excited about how pure barre could help my abs.

  2. I am due in two weeks and I am hoping this prize can help me lose the baby weight. I know that getting to the gym will be hard at first so any at-home options I have will be welcomed!

  3. Ive been looking for something to get me in better postpartum shape than before I got pregnant. Hopefully, this could be it.

  4. I used to dance as a child…and I have wanted to start taking class again…but then got pregnant. This would be perfect to help keep me in shape before the baby gets here!

  5. I need a new workout. I’m bored with what I’ve been doing and since I live in Arizona it’s getting too hot to go outside!

  6. My due date is the end of May – I could really use a little motivation to jump start my exercise routine afterward:)

  7. I am the mom of a 2 year-old, and I would love to start working on toning up before baby #2! I’ve been intrigued by these new ballet inspired workouts and would love to try one!

  8. Awesome!! I am looking for some fun new workouts to help motivate me to get back in shape after baby number 2 arrives in a couple weeks. Would love to win and have something new to look forward to trying!!

  9. I just adore ballet/pilates type workouts! And since I haven’t been able to do anything since my c-section, I feel totally disconnected from my abs. I very much want to do something positive with them again. And I’ve been dying to try the Pure Barre workouts more specifically!

  10. I heard this workout is highly addictive and that you see results after 10 classes….
    let me get addicted!

  11. Starting my “new life”, I am on a journey. I lost almost 30 lbs last year, and I know I have more to go. Pure Barre is motivating, and renews the spirit!! Bring it on!!

  12. I have gained and lost the same 10 pounds more times than I can count.. and it’s because getting to the gym every week is just so tough! With the workout video at home, there would be no excuses. My problem areas (like many women) are in the hips, legs and seat. Pure Barre targets those areas!

  13. Pure Barre, what can i say, i LOVE you. This equipment would help me be able to workout while i am home and baby is napping. I have been taking PureBarre since June of last year. Sometimes i can only go once a week, because my husband works late so no one to watch our son, but when i go, i LOVE it. This would motivate me to be able to workout at home. I have dropped 50lbs since last April just by eating healthier and taking classes. I would love to be able to work out at home with this! My son is almost two, and i must say,i love being a mom, I want to be healthy for my son so he can grow up and be proud of me. =)

  14. I really want to get the whole family involved at home and show them some of what I’ve been doing in the pure barre classes.

  15. Being a full time working mom to 2 beautiful girls, this would allow me to continue my work out at home, spending more time with my children teaching them the importance of a healthy active lifestyle.

  16. What a great giveaway! Looking for low-impact exercises has been difficult after injuring my back! Yoga is great, but it’s not the level of intensity I’m looking for. I would love to ‘lift,tone and burn’ and get my back, back into shape (no pun intended, lol) I’ve read/seen so much about this workout!

  17. I love Pure Barre, but I can’t really afford the classes. I would love to be able to do it in my own home!

  18. I would love this! I have read so much about Pure Barre but don’t have the funds to attend classes right now. This would help me get into shape for the summer using techniques I haven’t tried before.

  19. I miss the ballet classes of childhood. There was nothing better to tone your entire body and this looks like so much fun !

  20. I would love to have a new workout option for home, its so nice to change it up! I have been dying to buy this.

  21. Pure Barre is such a great workout and I’m looking forward to Mile High! It doesn’t waste your time, it produces results, and most importantly for me, it doesn’t get boring. I like the DVD’s because Carrie is just so chill and positive (maybe it’s because she’s a Michigan gal like me) and she never yells at you or gives you corny motivators that will sound cliche after you do the DVD a million times 🙂

  22. I am 11 weeks pregnant and would love this to help with a fit, healthy pregnancy and recovery.

  23. What a great giveaway. I have been to several Pure Barre classes. The best work out I have ever had. At this time I am finding it hard to make it to the studio for classes. This giveaway would be a perfect way for me to enjoy the workouts that I love in the privacy of my own home.

  24. Purre barre is a great workout, but I rarely have enough extra $ or time to make it to the classes. I would love to be able to do a pure barre workout in my own home while the kids are still sleeping!

  25. This video set would help me get back to my pre-babies fitness level. Having two young boys and working fulltime it is very difficult to attend class. I would love the opportunity to try to get in shape at home with Pure Barre!!

  26. I have a summer full of weddings and vacations! When everyone asks me why I look so tone and fit, I will tell them… PURE BARRE!!! (also, seeing as I have a summer full of weddings and vacations… I’m broke! I could totally use it!)

  27. Hello! I want this for my sister. She took bar classes before her wedding and loved them, the studio has since closed and she doesn’t have Pure Barre near her. She just had a baby and will be a single mom as her husband has decided to leave. I want her to feel amazing about herself and I know this will help. Please, please!

  28. I’m a first time mom who used to be relatively active and had a rough pregnancy. I couldn’t workout much and I ended up gaining almost 70 pounds. I just started physical therapy and would love to have these DVDs to give me a fun challenging workout when I can’t get childcare. Being a working mom and part of the sandwich generation, it’s hard to juggle caring for my parents, my little one, and my husband, not to mention myself. I’m hoping these DVDs will be help me reach my weight loss goal faster and help me get back a little of my old self (so I can finally wear some non maternity clothes)!

  29. I want to win it for my sister (though, of course I’d do the workout with her!). She has two beautiful children and has been working so hard to lose the weight. I know she’d love Pure Barre, and it would really help her lose. It’s such a great workout! I haven’t been able to take her because there’s no studio where she lives, but I know how awesome it is firsthand and would love to share it with her!

  30. This pure barre dvd package would be perfect for me (to help loose the extra baby weight in time for summer) when I am travelling for business. It is hard to be able to always find a gym when travelling, the dvd will allow me to pop it in the dvd player and do it right there in my hotel room. It is also perfect for me to do at home when I am too busy with the kids to get to the gym.

  31. With four kids and four kids being out of school in a month, I need to be a fit bottomed momma all summer long!! These dvd’s will help! Thanks!

  32. I love Pure Barre!..have been doing it for about a month. Its so exciting to know that i actually look forward to working out. This kit will help me get fit for my first visit to the beach in July!<3PB

  33. I have heard really great things about the Pure Barre workouts since there is a studio in my area. This would be a great time saver, to feel the burn and not have to leave the living room!

  34. I love this workout. I’ve been going to the studio classes and have noticed a difference after every class. It would be great to do the workouts at home too!

  35. I love workouts that don’t feel like workouts, and Pure Barre is the best!! It would be the perfect pre-pregnancy exercise to whip me into shape before me and my husband start trying for Baby #1! (Must have strong legs and core to push that little bundle of joy out into the world!)

  36. With a 7, 4 and 1 year old to chase after, Pure Barre has helped me stay in the best shape I’ve ever been in this past year. So when I discovered we were pregnant with baby #4, there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to continue this new found addiction. I’ve never been one to “Love the gym” but after my 1st class last year at Pure Bar Hillcrest (in San Diego), it truly was “Love at 1st Shake!” After the baby is born this July, I plan to continue but having this option of the DVD at home would be a great solution to the days I just can’t break away to take that 20 minute drive to the studio. Thank you Pure Barre for keeping this Mommy of (soon to be) 4 in tip top shape! xo, Michelle Pizarro-Vicente

  37. I have an eight month old little boy, I was a runner before he was born (ran till I was just shy of 7 months) since having him I’ve been diagnosed with RA and fibromiasia which makes running near impossible. I’ve been trying to find a low impact workout with no luck. I’m a single mom and since I can’t just leave to go to the gym (which I can’t afford) a home workout program would be amazing, and my son would probably like watching too

  38. I am a new mom and doctoral student, so I’m pressed for time. With such a busy schedule, I need to work out regularly for both my mind and body, and Pure Barre is perfect for that.

  39. Yay, I am DYING to try this workout! There aren’t any studio near by, so I would love to try the DVD. This woul be a perfect balance to my half marathon training!

  40. I have taken a couple Pure Barre classes and they were amazing. I would love to be able to do their workout at home. Video workouts are awesome for fitting into a busy day.

  41. So I have been attending Pure Barre of Birmingham (the 280 location) for my 3rd monthe now. I hadn’t previously gone like I should’ve! I would go 2-3 times a week. BUT this past week I have gone 5 days in a row, skipped Friday, and then my 6th class this week was today!

    My friend raved about Pure Barre, and how much it had changed her life. So…of course I was interested after just having had a baby 3 months prior!! SO, I got my butt off the couch and signed up for my first month at a special rate of 100$ unlimited! It was hard. Probably because I seriously haven’t done one activity involving muscles during the 9.5 months of pregnancy! I’ve always hated working out, really. Going to this place was a huge step.

    During my first class… I looked like an idiot (I think I probably even fell over at some point)…but now I could do 75% of the workout with my eyes closed while the instructor talks the class through it! The day after my first class…

    But I trucked on and came again the next day …and eventually, made it a part of my weekly routine.

    I have noticed many changes in my body. Mainly my butt. They really should call Phedra Parks and make sure that she knows that her “Donkey Booty” workout might be violating Pure Barre’s copy rights! I already have a big butt. Almost always have. After the baby, it was out of control. Correction-IT IS OUT OF CONTROL. Almost every class, I notice my “Donkey Booty” is bigger than everyone else’s!! Actually, I’m usually the biggest person in each class. I look around at a room full of girls that are beautifully shaped, toned, and glowing and think to myself “If they got this way from this class, by gosh- I’m going to keep coming!! I love it!

    I’ve also noticed a big improvement in my scoliosis pain. My back has killed me since high school, and especially so during pregnancy!! But now, NONE. Seriously. I must have strengthened my back muscles enough to better support my spine. Go me. (well, actually, go pure barre Birmingham!)

    Now, when I get in my car and hear some snazzy music I find myself “tucking” the whole way. I feel like I need to suggest “the wobble” song for one of our workout singles! HAHA actually I wish they had a ghetto playlist. Pretty soon, I won’t be able to listen to “those” songs when miss Harper can understand English!

    I love walking in and hearing “hey bell” from the instructors. I like that During the unbearable burning at the end of a workout I’ll hear “Ladies, only 30 seconds…you can do anything for 30 seconds!!!” I must admit there are some instructors I try to avoid. I’m sure they’re someone else’s favorite, just not mine…maybe because I haven’t given them enough of a chance to get to know me. I’m more shy in class than in real life (and more ratty looking) for some reason! I like the girls at night that remember my correct name, that constantly motivate me, that will physically correct me when I need help (because I’ll admit-sometimes I look like a dying fish floppin’ around on the studio floor), and i love the girls who act like the genuinely care. I’ve noticed that some don’t provide me with this special coddling.:) They just have a different style of teaching, and that’s fine! Clearly it works well for others, because I know they all get full classes! My favorite instructors at the 280 location are : Laura Lou, Amy, Anna, and Christin. (There is one other cute blonde girl I can’t remember and I’m kicking myself for forgetting right now!
    I would LOVE to win this because sometimes I can’t attend the classes because days with a newborn can be so unpredictable!!!
    If you’d like to see my progress pictures you can see them on where I’ve featured my whole story on !


  42. This prize will enable me to fine-tone those last problem spots!! I don’t have a PureBarre studio near me so this is perfect!!!

  43. I have been trying to get healthy ever since my son was born. I suffered from depression the first year he was born so this past year is the time where I have really started to take and interest. Recently I came down with some kind of sickness that has kept me at home away from the gym. Winning this prize would enable me to workout at home and help me not lose the progress I have achieved.

  44. I always love a new workout to add to my routine, and I would love this for a little extra focus on my hips and thighs…where everything wants to stay! 🙂

  45. I suffer from Grade 3 of spondylolisthesis and am I limited to workouts. Your program is great for strengthening my abs And lower back

  46. I would SO love to win this fit bottomed mamas prize!!!!!!

    I have looked into these DVDs an classes a couple of times, but they don’t have anything near where I live. The DVDs would be a perfect addition to my workout and hopefully help me loose those last 20 lbs of baby weight!

    Thanks team for another wonderful oppourtunity!!

  47. I have been attending pure barre classes for about two months now and I love it! I have never enjoyed a group class more and I already see the results. I hope to sustain this two-three times per week and will use this package so that I can supplement at home since it is difficult to make it to classes with two small children at home. Yay per pure barre and have heard the mile high DVD is the best!

  48. I love the Bar Method!! I have been using their pregnancy DVD (which I found recommended on this site) 2x week since I found out I was pregnant!! I would love the opportunity to try Pure Barr to get my body back in shape post baby.

  49. I love PB classes but with my work schedule and toddler it’s hard to get to more than one class a week. I’m also expecting our second child an really need to keep up the workouts from home!!! I’d LOVE this PB DVD package sooooo much!’n

  50. PB is one of the best workouts I’ve ever done. I bought a Living Social for an unlimited 2 wks and was shocked at the results I got. It was such a difference that when I returned to my gym after the two week period 6 girls from my gym wanted to try it out. That was without me solicitating. So the 7 of us are doing 30 days unlimited. They are also amazed at how their bodies are changing and that it’s easy on the joints. Last night I walked into a clothing store and was asked by one of the girls working there if I was a ballerina. It’s amazing! I would love to be able to do it from home as well since the studio isn’t close to my home. Thanks PB!

  51. I wish Pure Barre was here in RI but not yet!! so… I workout out to dvds & love them. I am a mom of 3 & still trying to loose my last few pounds. Pure Barre makes me feel great about myself & my body.

  52. I started pure barre two months ago and will be completing the 20 classes in 30 days challenge this weekend! The change I’ve already seen in my body is amazing. I would love to be able to take pure barre with me so that my fitness doesn’t suffer when I can’t make it to the studio :).

  53. I’ve been taking classes at Pure Barre Redondo Beach for almost a year now. They’ve made a significant difference in my life – both in my body and mind. I Unfortunately I can only go a few days a week when I have someone available to watch my 3 1/2 year old son. I would love to win this prize so that I can workout at home!!

  54. I have been doing Pure Barre for a month now and I am addicted to it!!! I would love to be able to do the DVDs at home and I’ve heard great things about the Mile High ones!

  55. I would so love to win this prize!I am having such a hard time loosing the postbaby weight.It would be absolutely wonderful!I know, for sure, it would help me,because everyone who does pure barre has absolutely fabulous bodies!

  56. Ive been going to Pure Barre classes for the past few months now
    And I love it! I’ve seen great results already. I decided to try it
    To prepare for my wedding and honeymoon in July and I’m so happy I did.
    Unfortunately due to my schedule I will not be able to attend classes
    After May so I am dying to try their home video and do the workouts
    On my own.

  57. I found Pure Barre last November when I was 6 months pregnant and began taking classes a few times a week for the rest of my pregnancy. Now with a new baby and a full time job I can’t always get to the studio as much as I’d like. Having the DVDs would let me LTB here at home and still get those great benefits!

  58. I love Pure Barre and really enjoy the classes. Would be so nice to have the DVDs on days that you can’t make a class and also to take while traveling.

  59. I’ve been looking for something fun and new to switch up my workout routine. I’ve heard so many amazing things about Pure Barre! I’d looove to try it out 🙂

  60. I have joined various clubs, purchased every gadget,video and CD possible and truly was about to consider giving up until a friend asked me to join her at Pure Barre – I have been hooked every since – I am slowing starting to tone up and I feel good about myself for the time time in a long time.. I am not able to go consistently due to work and family commitments but I would truly love to have the DVD’s available for myself and to share with my family and friends and get them involved in classes also……Thanks so much for your consideration –

  61. I am getting married in just over 50 days – July 7th! Based on the ladies I’ve seen who credit Pure Barre for their beautiful bodies, I would LOVE to give these DVDs a try to get me in tip top shape to marry my best friend and then rock a bikini on our honeymoon!!!!!

  62. As the mom of three young boys, PB is the fastest, most effective way to stay in shape. When you’re a busy mom, time is of the essence! I’ve tried everything! I alternate attending my local PB classes & using the videoes at home, depending on childcare. It’s pretty cute to see my boys do my PB moves with me.
    A new video from Carrie to add into my collection would be an amazing Mother’s Day gift for me.
    I love PB, and I tell everyone my “secret” whenever they ask! Keep up your great work.

  63. Me and my sister are both former dancers who have two little new ones of our own- we’ve been scheduling playtime for the kids and workout times for us moms, but something like this would be wonderful to incorporate so we can get a taste of those beloved dance classes again. Pure Barre is something we’ve been eager to check out, but we’re not near any classes. We would love to try this out!

  64. i began pure barre a month ago in conjunction with physical therapy after a reconstructive foot surgery and hip injury. Not only do I feel mmore femine and inspired, but I am healing more with pure barre than with physical therapy! I would use the videos to continue to help me learn the technique an deepen my healing. I am a former dancer and hope to teach pure barre one day soon.

  65. Oh, just to have something new to try would be great! I’ve heard wonderful things about these workouts and I think they would help with my problems with anything with impact right now.

  66. PB DVDs would help me lose extra baby weights! Plus, I can do this without driving to the gym, leaving my baby at home with my husband 🙂

  67. I’ve tried it all and I am certain Pure Barre is the #1 workout for me. I truly enjoy it and was astonished by how quickly by body was changing. All the areas I’ve “given up” on have started to lift and tone. What more could a girl ask for? Well, I’d LOVE to be able to take these DVDs and workout goodies with me when I travel. Work can take me away from my classes 1-2 a month, for a week at a time. It would be wonderful to stay consistent when I cannot attend classes. Pretty Please 🙂

  68. I’ve never heard of Pure Barre before, but it sounds awesome, and of course my 4 yr old ballerina would love to do these with me!

  69. I would love to be toned and back in fighting form again. I am tired of feeling jiggly!!

  70. I danced and took gymnastics growing up, and it’s something I enjoy til this day. Everyone I know runs or does crazy workouts like P 90x, and I just can’t get down with that. I like my workouts to be fun, and dancing is fun. I also have a bad knee from gymnastics, so Pure Barre would be perfect for me…not to stressful on the bum knee.

  71. I would love to try Pure Barre! Dancers have an amazing toned body…and would love to get my trouble areas toned.

  72. After gaining 100 lbs, I only have 25 more to go!!! I’m just having a hard time getting these last few off. This system seems like a fun way to tone up and drop these last pesky few pounds!!

  73. Pure Barre Beverly Hills is a bit far to drive with gas prices, but I have a few of their older DVDs. Cute socks and they would help me with all my barre work since I tend to slip around. The new DVDs (Mile High) would help me change it up and keep me motivated.

  74. I first heard about Pure Barre here at FBG and I’d love to try it out! I used to take ballet lessons when I was younger and loved it.

  75. I have always wanted to try Pure Barre since I saw the great results my friends got from doing PB classes. I’m always looking for things to rev up my at home work outs.

  76. Trying to get skinny and fit for my wedding this September!! Can’t beat a PB body! 😉

  77. I love barre and the way it is changing my body! DVDs at home would allow me more opportunities to fine tune my body!

  78. I’m a big fan of PB Seattle’s classes, but I’m moving for a summer job to a city where there is no PB studio – I would love to have these DVD’s to keep me on track!

  79. PB is my hobby! i love it and am expecting and want to continue my hobby throughout this pregnancy!!! what a fun giveaway that would help me PB when I can’t get into the studio.

  80. I am STUCK when it comes to finding motivation to work out. Pure Barre was my go-to favorite workout after my daughter was born, but since my son came along I haven’t done anything at all! I know this would get me up and moving again.

  81. Would love to have the Pure Barre DVDs to integrate into my workout. Pure Barre classes aren’t always easy to make. This set would be especially helpful for travel!

  82. I’ve been wanting to try Pure Barre for a very long time. I took every type of dance from the time i was 2 until my studio closed in 2004. I miss dancing and miss the flexibility and strength that came along with it. Pure Barre looks like the perfect way to fill that dancing void in my heart. I’d also like for my mom to try it. She wants to get into some sort of exercise program becaseu heart disease runs in our family and i think this would be perfect for her!!

  83. I just signed up for my first half marathon even though I don’t run. I my goal is to finished strong in my first half marathon ever! This prize will definitely help jump start my training!!!

  84. I began Pure Barre January 2011 after my son was born in Sept. 2010, and it has really worked. It has helped my physique as well as my mind.
    I would love to win these DVD’s because, unfortunately I can’t get to class everday due to my full-time job and taking care of my son and husband. Having these DVD’s at home would be great for those days that I can’t get to class!

  85. I love Pure Barre and would love to have the DVDs so I can do it whenever or when I am traveling! Great workouts!

  86. This package will help me do pure barre even when I’m on vacation! I don’t like to miss a day so I hope I win this to keep with my summer preparation program!

  87. Pure bar is the only workout I have found that leaves me looking lean and toned. With the Pure Bar DVD set I will now be able to keep a steady routine going with a busy schedule and introduce the amazing work-out to all my friends!!!

  88. I SOOOOO need to win this! I am totally hooked on Pure Barre. I started almost two years ago and it totally changed this 50 year old body… That NO exercise has been able to do.. ( and trust me, I’ve done them ALL!!) however , PB is quite expensive and I’m on a right budget.. I have to sell things on eBay to get my 30 day unlimited package.. And when I run out of things to sell an I have “downtime” ( which equates to depresssssssed time) if I had this DVD set I would be able to continue my workouts until I got more money. It’s MY drug!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE PB!!! And the creator, Carrie !!

  89. This prize pack will keep me active on days where I have to work late or I am out of town. I can’t get enough tuck!

  90. I looove pure barre. Actually just got home from class this morning. My mom doesn’t have a pb studio near her so I would love to give her this. I have seen spmy body change over the last 9 months I have been doing pb and I love it. Such a great gift for anyone of any age or body shape. Everyone should “tuck” at least once. Try it…’ll be hooked!

  91. i just joined pure barre about 2 weeks ago and i am getting my butt kicked! i love the classes and need all the help i can get since i just had my baby a few months ago. i know the dvds get great reviews and i’d love to get a little extra work out on days w/o a babysitter. thank you pure barre!

  92. I travel every other week for work, when I’m home I try to fit in 3-4 Pure Barre classes at my local studio but I wish I could stick to the routine while I’m on the road! This prize would help keep my body long and lean while in different cities/hotel rooms! It would also help to prepare me more for bathing suit season, yikes!

    Also another pair of sticky socks would mean less laundry that I have to do! This prize rocks! 🙂 Please lift and tuck my name into the winners box, please!!

  93. I love working up a good sweat, but I injured my back 6 months ago and going-forward, I needed to find more “low-impact” workouts that suit my needs. I’ve been doing pure barre for about 3 months now and it is so awesome! Nothing comes close to providing the same kind of “power” workout while saving your body from injury. I feel so strong, more toned, and more flexible than I was even before injury. My back is “healed,” but pure barre is such a great workout, I don’t feel like I need to go back to high-impact activities. Save your joints, join the PB movement!

  94. I am looking for something to spice up my at-home workout DVD collection, and this would do just the trick!

  95. I would love to win the giveaway so that my daughter and I could do Pure Barre at home together before she goes off to college!!

  96. My 6 months package @ PUre Barre is about to expire and I have to wait until they run another 10% off before I can sign up again. I need these workout jewels to tide me over til I am back in class.
    I also want to start my young daughter doing these workouts! Imagine if we had these when we were teenagers! Go Pure Barre! Love it! Thank you!

  97. This would be the ULTIMATE prize!! I have lost the weight but need to tone up and Pure Barre is definitely the key! Since I am on a budget, I can’t afford to pay the $20 per class. So the DVD bundle would be great!

  98. I love Pure Barre and enjoying the classes since mid of December, 2011. I can see the results and how my body is changing. My kids and I planning to go visiting my family in Russia, this summer, and I would love to be able to do pure barre from there. That way I am not skipping my exercise routine, and also to share the lovely pure bare technic with my Russian friends 🙂

  99. Pure Barre lives up to their motto: LIFT, TONE, BURN! It truly is a full-body workout that REALLY works. I can go on about it all day long, but the proof is in the shrinking size of my lulu lemons. I LOVE YOU, PURE BARRE! xx 🙂

  100. I am having a baby in 3 weeks!! I would use this for sure to get that extra fat around my hips/thighs/butt into shape!:)

  101. I’m trying to overcome a dreaded plateau and have heard nothing but AMAZING things about Pure Barre. Between the plateau and a limited budget, DVDs are the way I’m supplementing things for the time being. Plus, it looks as though the Mile High DVDs were filmed in my hometown — Denver!

  102. I would love love love to win the pure barre giveaway. Being a mom like most it’s been über hard finding time to workout. I do get to the nearest pure barre studio when I can but that can be every other week if I’m lucky. However, with just a few classes I have noticed my body change. I feel stronger and sexier. I’ve had an incredibly hard time loosing the baby weight but it has gotten much easier with the pure barre classes . The DVD s would allow me to get in the extra workouts that I so desperately need to get back to my pre baby body. Here’s hoping! I encourage every mom out there to try pure barre it really is an amazing class! I’m excited about the possibility of using the DVDs before during and after my next pregnancy!

  103. Pure bar has changed my life! It motivates me to work harder each and every day and is the only workout routine that never gets easier! I would love to win these DVDs to use on days when my busy schedule prevents me from making it to class!!!

  104. I would love to win this Pure Barre collection as I have no Pure Barre studio near me. I would love to be able to do this with my daughters, some fun time together, getting fit and in shape. Setting a trend for them to continue through the years and pass on to their children.

  105. I love PB and I can’t afford a full membership – this would allow me to use my PB skills!!

  106. I have been trying to get to a class; have been registered but have not made it due to car troubles! I know I would be able to get to the tv though. I would love this giveaway–dying to try Pure Barre! Thanks!

  107. The only way to really make changes in your body is this workout and these DVD’s are perfect for when I can’t get to the gym.

  108. I would absolutely LOVE to win this prize! I had my 1st child 13 months ago and I have been at home with my son each and every day since he was born. I have lost a good bit of my pregnancy weight but I need something that will help me loose my “stubborn weight.” It is hard to try to go to a class because of my husband’s work schedule so this would be perfect! I hope I win!

  109. I would love to have the DVD’s. It’s really pricey to go to class so I can’t go all the time and the DVD’s would be a great supplement. I’m addicted because of the results I’ve gotten in a short period of time.

  110. I just started Pure Barre two weeks ago and I am obsessed! Two years ago I found out high cholesterol and picked up running. After running two half marathons, I trained to run my first full marathon, but then broke my ankle two weeks before the race. Recovery has been slow and painful this past year and I have been looking for other ways to stay active and have loved Pure Barre! Would LOVE the DVDs to do at home or while traveling!

  111. I am a 54 year-old single mother of three. A while back, I was in terrible car accident that left my body with lots to recovery time and many challenges, including significant weight gain. Recently, I started to take charge of my eating habits and have lost almost 25 pounds. Now, I just need an effective, low-impact workout so that I can build some muscle and strength. This set would help me so much to get into shape, loose the rest of the weight and have the energy to starting doing all of those things I loved to do before my accident – like go dancing!

  112. I love pure BARRE and I so want to try these DVDS! I am a single mom with two kids and finding the time to go to class between work, ballgames and everything else sometimes is a real challenge. I grew up dancing and i want my dancer body back by October when I go to Chicago to watch a friend run the marathon!

  113. After having a baby in 2011, I had 4 herniated disks. I used to be a dedicated runner and struggled to find something that was non-impacting and that was as enjoyable to me as running was. I tried Pure Barre after a Groupon came out in the spring of 2012. After a few months, not only is my back feeling better because my core strength has significantly improved from Pure Barre, but I am completely addicted. I am so happy to have found a workout that is not hard on the joints like running is, yet brings great results after delivering a baby!!

  114. I love taking classes at my local Pure Barre studio, but hate taking 3-5 days in a row off from the workout when I’m traveling for work or vacation. It leaves me tired and less energized when I am not able to get my “lift, tone, burn” on, and no one wants to be those things when on the road! These DVDs would be the perfect solution to fitting fun exercise into my travel schedule, and really set the tone for my day. Many hotels today don’t offer complimentary use of their fitness centers, but most every room has a TV and DVD player! Fitness should be functional, fun, and feasible – and these PB DVDs are perfect for a busy yet active lifestyle…must have them!

  115. After having a baby in 2011, I had 4 herniated disks. I used to be a dedicated runner and struggled to find something that was non-impacting and that was as enjoyable to me as running was. I tried Pure Barre after a Groupon came out in the spring of 2012. After a few months, not only is my back feeling better because my core strength has significantly improved from Pure Barre, but I am completely addicted. I am so happy to have found a workout that is not hard on the joints like running is, yet brings great results after delivering a baby!!

    The DVD’s will help me to continue to get in shape when I can’t make it to the studio (two kids!!) 🙂 They are a nice complement to the in-studio workout!!!!

  116. Pure Barre has completely changed my mindset of working out. It is the most fun and effective workout I have ever tried. I am absolutely addicted, and for the first time ever I get upset if I have to miss a class and can’t workout. Having these DVDs would be perfect for those days I just can’t make it to class. Because of Pure Barre I feel amazing and have never had so much self confidence, and I never want to lose that!

  117. I am built EXACTLY like my mom, so I can see my future back side years before it happens. My mom looks GREAT, but I hope to keep my bum exactly where it is, not sliding south for the next 30 years!

  118. I bought a group of 4 classes on living social a few months ago and am now addicted. It’s the best work out out there. however, with 2 kids under 2, and a husbsnd eho eorkd long hours, i can’t afford to go as often as I’d like. If I had the ability to do it at home, which I try mind u by memory, I’d at least keep in shape the days I can’t make it to the studio. I feel the more u do it the better. Having these at home would benefit me tremendously.

  119. I spend my time traveling between cities and sometimes there isn’t always a pure barre location nearby. These workout videos would be awesome to have to take with me when traveling! they are also a great compliment to my marathon training and I would love to have them!

  120. I’ve just started doing Pure Barre , Im on my 7th class and I can already start seeing results . I had my baby 9 months ago and just now got around to working out and i am loving it ! Having a dvd to workout at home when I can’t make it to class would be so helpful !.

  121. I started Pure Barre about six weeks ago. I felt stronger and saw results after the first week or two! I am completely addicted to the workouts and when not in class, constantly thinking about my technique and what to improve next. Having one of the work out packages at home will help me continue to improve my technique and maintain my “pure barre” fitness!!

  122. I received a Pure Barre class pass for Christmas last year…. and it was the best present ever!! One class in and I was hooked! I love going to my local studio’s early morning and weekend classes as much as possible but with two toddler boys and a husband who works a lot, scheduling gets difficult. Even my busy husband would benefit from the DVDs… he had a blast at my local PB’S Valentine’s day sweetie class! 😉

  123. I would love to win this. I’ve read so much about it and want to try it. I’m getting older and a little stiffer. I think this will strengthen and loosening up my muscles.

  124. I love the Pure Barre workouts! I discovered this fun workout almost 2 years ago, and I wish I had known about earlier in my life. If I had more time and if there was a location a little bit closer to home, I would love to go everyday!

    This workout kit would be great to have to use on those days that I can’t make it to the class because of time constraints of driving to class and back. It would be great to take when I’m traveling too!

  125. I’m on medical rest right now and this would be a great workout to help me ease back in!

  126. I am not a new mom (my son is 10 ) but I have always, and still do, hear about how the results are amazing on the entire lower body from Pure Barre.

    I still need help with toning my lower body.

    I would really love to win this one !

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