5 Power Moves to Burn Your Bum

butt-workout-585Want a firmer fit bottom? Me, too! Lucky for us, it doesn’t have to take hours or crazy workouts to get there. This 9-minute butt workout from DailyBurn includes five moves to get your glutes firing. Try it at nap time or while your kids are occupied with the Legos!

5 Butt-Workout Moves: Side Tap

dailyburn side step exercise

The side lunge simulates the lower-body action in speed skating by quickly extending and retracting the leg to the side, working the sides of the glutes. To begin, bend slightly at your knees and extend one leg to the side. Tap the floor with your foot, then quickly pull the leg back in. Swing your arms back and forth as if you are sprinting for added balance. Complete as many reps as you can in 30 seconds, then switch legs.


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  1. As I get older, the old bum is the hardest to keep fit! I appreciate the motivation. The power skip move is fun to do on the rebounder.