8 Ways to Know It’s Not Your First Pregnancy…

first-pregnancy-585If you’re on your second, third or more pregnancy (you go, girl!), you’ve probably started to notice that things are a bit different than the first time. In my first pregnancy, What to Expect When You’re Expecting was a daily read. I had the app on my phone, and I could always tell you how many weeks and days pregnant I was and exactly what size of fruit my baby was for the corresponding week. But the second pregnancy becomes an afterthought as your attention is constantly on the toddler running around. As you’ve done this before, you may not be thinking about it as much, but your body and your toddler lifestyle remind you that you are in new, funnier and more exciting ways. Here are a few things I have noticed…

How You Know It’s Not Your First Pregnancy

1. Oops. Your sneeze-pee is more than your panty liner can hold. The full uterus pressing against your bladder and your weakened muscles from your first delivery are not working in your favor.

2. Oops, I did it again. You release one of those awful pregnant lady farts in public and loudly say to your toddler, “Oh, honey, do you have a dirty diaper?”

3. TV time. You measure your pregnancy fatigue by the number of TV shows you allow your toddler to watch in a day: “Today, was a four Bubble Guppies episodes type of day!”

4. Growl. You’re hungrier. The baby is taking half or more of everything you put in your mouth AND your toddler is taking his share before it even makes it to your mouth!

5. The slow down. Your decrease in movement is amplified. You are getting bigger and slower by the day, but your toddler is getting more mischievous and FASTER.

6. Boobs as targets. You are much more aware of the sensitivity in your breasts—your toddler has taken notice of their increase in size and fluffiness and notes these observations with daily pushes, prods and presses.

7. People stay mum. People are less likely to comment on your pregnancy—even though your belly is sticking way out there, even more so this time as you’ve done it before. People see your toddler at your side and think, well maybe she just hasn’t lost the weight yet and therefore don’t comment.

8. Fluffy protection. You are finally grateful that you didn’t lose all the weight from your first pregnancy because that extra fat prevents Baby No. 2 from the punches, head butts, pokes and kicks of Baby No. 1.

If you’re on a second or later pregnancy, what are the funny differences you have noticed? How are your body and your mind showing you that you’ve done this before? —Dara 

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  1. I am definitely not as focused on this pregnancy b/c of the toddler running around my feet all day. I have noticed that my belly grew a lot faster and I have also felt my baby move sooner then I did with the first one so that was a good thing. I am also a lot hungrier. I think it’s a little more fun with this one b/c I have a toddler who pats my belly and says baby a lot of the day. It will be fun watching them grow up together! 🙂