LittleBites: LesserEvil Krinkle Sticks

lesser evil snacksIf you’re looking for a less evil potato chip, look no further than the LesserEvil brand. But beware: Like potato chips, you cannot eat just one.

The company sent me its four flavors of Krinkle Sticks, puffed potatoes that are a slightly airier version of a crunchy Cheeto. But unlike the Cheeto, your fingers will not be left a scary neon color and you won’t feel as guilty munching these. In cheddar, sour cream and onion, veggie, and a plain sea salt variety, you can conquer whatever chip craving you’ve got.

While it would be awesome if the ingredient list was a little shorter, for an occasional snack food, I won’t complain. Plus, 35 of the sticks only clock in at 120 calories, so you get a major crunchy chip fix for a minimal amount of cals. I love that the veggie variety has potato, corn, spinach and broccoli, in addition to seven whole grains— and your kids will never even know.

And seriously? The taste is amazing. Salty but not too salty, you can’t go wrong with any flavor, although the sour cream and onion and cheddar were my favorites. And unlike healthier-for-you foods that just taste like they’re faking it, these don’t taste like a “diet” food. They’re just simply good.

Have you tried the LesserEvil brand? What are some healthier ways you tame certain cravings? —Erin

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