Me2Roo: Workout Wear Solutions for the Belly and Beyond (with Giveaway!)


When I was pregnant, I embraced the growing belly. I had no problem gaining weight for the cause, but the thing that annoyed me was finding clothing options. The two worst phases of the shifting body? As you’re growing and you’re too small for maternity clothing but too big for your regular duds, and on the way back down when your maternity clothes are falling off but none of the regular stuff fits. So finding any clothes that work for you, nevermind workout clothes, can be a bit of a challenge. Solution? A cute little brand called me2Roo.

The me2Roo line of activewear is designed for all stages of pregnancy, and the two items I tried were perfect for the postpartum transition back to “normal.” I tried the Morgan shrug ($36) and the Charlotte pleated t-back top ($72).

First, the shrug. Made of a cotton/spandex blend, the shirt is a thick T-shirt material that is comfy like a sweatshirt but way more stylish—no unnecessary bulk! You can wear it off the shoulder as pictured or go with a more straight-up style. It takes just a touch getting used to the fit if you’re not used to wearing clothing off the shoulder, but it’s super comfortable. You can’t tell from the picture, but it’s cropped; it hit me several inches above the belly button. I love that it’s roomy enough to accommodate your growing or shrinking belly. The cut feels retro without feeling dated. And you can throw it over workout gear when you need extra warmth on fall days. Also? It’s perfect for the breastfeeding mom; when paired with a nursing tank underneath, it’s a great way to add a layer and keep the easy access!

me2roo topNow for the Charlotte top. At first glance, I wasn’t totally sold on this one because of the drawstring at the hem. Something about the darn drawstring screamed “sack of potatoes.” Until I tried it on! Then that darn drawstring seemed genius. Rather than being skin tight on a big pregnant belly, the fit of this top is looser in the midsection. The drawstring allows you to adjust the fit as your pregnancy progresses. And it’s great because even now post-pregnancy, I can wear this top without it seeming like a tent on me—and I don’t have to worry about it slipping over my head during a downdog.

The one drawback? It only has a shelf bra for support and because of the T-back, I couldn’t wear my usual sports bras with it. Totally fine for yoga or Pilates, but if you’re doing anything high impact, this might not be the top for you unless you have the bra to support it (har har).

Did you find any great pieces that helped you transition through pregnancy? Want to try me2Roo? Comment below telling me why you need some new duds and consider yourself entered to win. U.S. residents only, please. Good luck! —Erin



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  1. I am 8 weeks pregnant and trying to embrace the shift in tight work attire and my 6pack turning into a bump. i’ve taken my foldover yoga pants and rolled it up to go over the belly. But with the pounds packing on I need more than those yoga pants that will soon split! lol

  2. I am pregnant with my second and struggling to hide this pregnancy before the end of the first trimester. Since my abs are already loose from the first pregnancy, my belly has already begun to pop! Would love some pieces to wear before it’s acceptable to wear my maternity clothes! Plus I don’t even look forward to maternity clothes cause it’s the exact same wardrobe that I wore nonstop 2 years ago and I hadn’t bought much so I ended up wearing the same stuff every week!

  3. this is my second pregnancy and I need to keep up with the excercise, I would love some comfortable clothes I can work out in

  4. Catherine…I totally understand. I’m 11 weeks and the abs are barely visible anymore and I spend an extra 15 mins trying to find something to wear to the gym based on how bloated I am. I figure if it’s this hard now….I’m in for it during my second and third trimesters.

    I’ve been resistant to Lululemon since it came out but all of my friends swear by their pants. Although not specifically made from pregnant women, the 4 way stretch technology is very forgiving and enabled them to wear their regular pants throughout their pregnancies. HTH.

  5. My sister is pregnant, and nothing she had fits! Time for new clothes

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (Dot) com

  6. I was going through my clothes to find something for a friend’s request/pleading for some pregnancy tops, and I have none! I’m small and realized I wear snug clothes–I felt so bad–& offered to buy her something, so I’ll try to win it! Clearly I need to go shopping for her though! Fingers crossed!

  7. I’m 16 weeks pregnant with twins and my yoga pants are starting to pinch. Please pick me! I need some cute gear to show off at ballet class!

  8. Being 15 weeks pregnant with my first baby and having been active my entire life, I thought I’d be able to get by a bit longer than most in my pre pregnancy clothes.

    But reality sunk in yesterday as I dressed in my normal Lululemon size 6 tank to hit the treadmill and realized my breasts were about to jump right out! Everyone talks about the stomach changes but nobody mentions how crazy large the breasts get (and are getting!!)

    I’d LOVE to try a new, chic stylish activewear line for my ever changing body!!

  9. Like you, the clothing options are like “arghhh”. Either things are too big or your belly protudes in some odd fashion making the clothes look terrible on you.

    I’d love to try this. That’s for the honest review too!