I Did It: This ‘Non-Runner’ Ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll 10K

erin 10k running
I finished, crazy outfit and all.

This past weekend the FBGs (Jenn, Erin, Tish and Kristen) ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll 10K in Brooklyn courtesy of Brooks Running. Here is my experience. Be sure to head over to Fit Bottomed Girls each day this week as each of us shares our thoughts on the race. 

Woo to the hoo, ya’ll. I did it. I ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll 10K in NYC over the weekend. To some people, running 6.2 miles may not seem like a big deal. But I am so proud of myself. In fact, I feel like I still have a runner’s high from it over 24 hours later.

I wasn’t convinced I was totally prepared for the race. I didn’t know if I’d have to walk a fair amount or if a knee would break down in the middle of it all. I basically didn’t know what to expect as the race was two miles longer than I’d ever run in my life. I’d done most of my training on a treadmill, so I also didn’t know how that would translate into real life.

In addition to my garden variety stress about the distance, my ability and the parking in Brooklyn (which was an unknown as I’ve never driven there before), I had to consider the logistics of being away from my son for hours at a time, which can be pretty interesting for breastfeeding moms. I had to get up well before the crack of dawn at 3:45 a.m. to pump before we left in the hopes that I’d then be comfortable until we got back almost eight hours later. Luckily, I was still fairly comfortable during the race and until we got home, although the kiddo was definitely ready to eat because he’d rejected all bottle feeding attempts by dad.

As for the run, I don’t know if it was the adrenaline, the fact I was running with a group of awesomely fun FBGs, the chill in the air or the change of scenery, but I never would have thought 6.2 miles could be that much fun to run. I didn’t break any land speed records, but I finished pretty darn close to the goals I set for myself way back before my knee made me take a couple of weeks off training. I didn’t really notice any of the mile markers, and when mile 5 hit, I was so surprised and still feeling so good that I kicked it up until the end. I walked for maybe a minute total, don’t have any blisters or injuries to show for the outing and made it to the finish in 66 minutes.

Now that I’ve got a mud run and a 10K under my belt, I must admit I’m afraid I’m getting a little hooked on this. Will I do a marathon? Oh heck to the no. But I’ll admit I’m already scoping out other 5K and 10K options in my neck of the woods.

Be sure to check out FBG tomorrow for more of my thoughts on the 10K experience! —Erin

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  1. Never say never Girlio! I was running half marathons and said I would NEVER do a marathon. One mountain trail half kicked my butt and I decided if I could do that, I could do a marathon. My 8th is in two weeks. My 9th is in December. It’s a slippery slope of fun.