5 Eggs-ellent Kid-Friendly Ideas (and a Giveaway!)

Runny eggs shouldn't make you nervous if you're cooking with Safest Choice!
Runny eggs shouldn’t make you nervous if you’re cooking with Safest Choice!

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Confession: It may not be the most Fit Bottomed choice, but I love cookie dough. But every time I sneak a bite (or four) of cookie dough when I’m baking, I hear that angel on my shoulder. And not because I’m eating cookie dough. Oh, no. Moderation, ya’ll. The angel is saying, “Foodborne illness! Be careful! Are you CRAZY!?” And yes, yes I am. And I eat the cookie dough anyway (except when I’m pregnant).

I’ve never gotten sick from eating raw eggs, but I feel like I’m tempting fate every single time. So when Safest Choice sent me coupons to try its pasteurized eggs, I went under-cooked egg crazy. Okay, not really. But I did experiment with a few fun ideas for kids—a couple of which included eggs on the under-cooked side that would make me nervous to serve my kids if not for the fact that Safest Choice’s eggs are pasteurized, eliminating the risk of Salmonella in the eggs. Plus, they stay fresh longer. If you’ve been afraid to cook eggs for your kids sunny-side up because of the runny egg or if you avoid recipes calling for raw eggs (like Caesar salad), this is your solution. Woot!

Today we’ve got a few fun ideas for eggs that will have your kids smiling. And bonus: Most of these ideas are fun ways to sneak in other healthy foods, too!


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  1. Over easy with a piece of toast or in a breakfast sandwich. Basically with anything that can be used to catch the runny yolk. I am missing runny eggs during this pregnancy and can’t wait to eat them again!

  2. Totally agree with you about the cleanup. Microwaving is easiest for me and I can add bits of veggies and nutritional yeast. Fun ideas here. I bet you could use one of those food cutters and cut shapes like you would tofu–the same consistency as microwaved eggs.