Dear Kate, I Love Your Underwear

These are my Dear Kate underwear. Well, not these exact ones. And this is not me.

What is it about getting new underwear that is so  fun? Surely I’m not the only one who really enjoys this phenomenon. Maybe it’s the fact that I don’t buy new ones for myself until I’m really in need that makes it so satisfying. But more important than the psychology behind why I love new underoos so much is the new object of my underwear affection: my Dear Kate skivvies.

The new Dear Kate underwear is billed as an armor of sorts against light bladder leaks, perspiration and overflow. The built-in lining—which is virtually the same as regular underwear lining, just slightly thicker—provides what the company calls a “leak-resistant, breathable and light-as-a-feather layer” arming them with a nearly undetectable guard against the elements, if you will. With all of this function, I wasn’t exactly expecting the sexiest underwear in town. But I was so pleasantly surprised. In fact, had I not known that they were built for this heavy-duty job, I would never have known they were so utilitarian—they just would have become my favorite pair of underwear anyways.

Now, I’ve never had too many problems with sweat stains in the underwear zone, but having had two kids, I’m familiar with that fun “pee surprise” that can strike unexpectedly in those postpartum days. It takes awhile to regain control of those functions, so if you’re a new mom who hasn’t, these underwear are a great idea instead of having to wear panty liners all the time. (Or during that time of the month if you’re prone to overflow.) The built-in lining? It’s black, which is great for hiding stains, and it really is a super-light layer that is extremely soft and really not all that much thicker or different than your normal underwear crotch lining. No one in your yoga class would ever think you’re wearing absorbent granny panties, you have my word.

These undies are pricey at $32, but the fit is great, the microfiber material is super soft and comfy, and they work great under workout wear and as an everyday option.  Did I mention they’re really cute, too?

Would you consider special underwear for your workouts? —Erin

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  1. These look amazing! I’m 34 weeks pregnant right now and not sure what size to order but after baby comes this is the first purchase I’m going to make!