Do You Keep Your Body Image Issues to Yourself Now That You Have Kids?

Do you consider how your own body image issues will affect your daughter down the road? Credit: mikebaird

We all know that one of the many awesome side effects of working out is looking healthy and strong. Looks are certainly not the main reason I work out, though, and because I have a daughter, I’m super aware of what I say about my body and why I exercise. For instance, I’d never complain that something makes me look fat. And I’d never say we can’t eat something because we don’t want to gain weight. And I’d never say that I’m hitting the gym to get skinny. The last thing I want is for my daughter to feel that there is a standard of beauty she must live up to, that there is a number on the scale that will make her pretty. I want to emphasize health and strength above skinny. In short, I want to keep any body image issues to myself.

It makes my day when she makes all of her dolls and stuffed animals do planks because that’s one of the moves in my workout. It makes me smile when she wants to be involved in my exercise, even if that means she’s on the ground below me as I’m doing push-ups. I love when she says she’s “getting strong” as she’s imitating my jumping jacks. I want her to remember running around the gym and how much fun “basketball” is to play. I’ll definitely be getting her a doll like this in addition to any Barbies she wants. Above all, I want to be a good role model. What about you?

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I’d love to  hear your thoughts in the comments, regardless of whether you have girls or boys! —Erin


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  1. I absolutely want to be a good role model !
    I have a son and do not speak negatively about my body in front of him, or within ear shot 🙂 I find expressing negative body image issues, especially someone in my position ; having a son, has a negative effect on how my son will view Women.