Gymagogo: The Online Workouts You Should Be Doing!

Gymagogo lets you work out with a trainer in the privacy of your own home.
Gymagogo lets you work out with a trainer in the privacy of your own home.

As a work-at-home mom, my biggest obstacles to getting to the gym are time and convenience. Free time is short, so I often try to make my days as active as possible with even a few minutes of exercise while the kids play or a good walk to the park. For me, getting to the gym is nice—but now that Kid 1 is totally content in the gym daycare, Kid 2 is having major separation anxiety. Until we get over this hump, I know that my gym workouts aren’t going to be super long. So those classes I love to take? They’ve been put on hold for now because I know there is no way I’ll get through them.

But I did find a way to beat the “convenience” barrier AND get my class workouts with a real, live instructor. No, I didn’t hire a personal trainer who comes to my home, but I found the next best thing—Gymagogo. Gymagogo is an online live workout class that you can take at home via webcam. It’s like a real class—hardwood floors, mirrors, instructor and all—but you’re in the privacy of your own home. The instructor can see you to give you feedback on your form and give encouragement, but you don’t have to worry about getting to the gym or feeling uncomfortable in a room of people.

I tried two sessions last week: Moms Yoga and Moms Pilates. (Sessions are free for now, but it’ll turn into a subscription service later this summer.) Setup couldn’t be any easier. You go to the Gymagogo website and select a class, download the webcam system and do a system check. The technical side was flawless, and it couldn’t be more painless to install and get up and running. Before class, you’re emailed a reminder with the link to connect to class, and then you show up!

The instructors I had, Lauren and Kendra, were super nice. They were encouraging and both had AWESOME tips on form. I thought it might be weird to be face-to-face with the instructor online, but it really was no different than showing up for a small group class. They’re really there to help and make sure you have a worthwhile experience; they take into consideration any injuries or limitations you may have and accommodate throughout the entire workout. Besides having the instructors to help you with form, you can also glance at yourself on the screen to check your alignment—a nice bonus. Plus, I thought it was kind of fun knowing there were a few other people out there working out with me.

Besides the workouts being good quality, I love the accountability that is built in when you sign up. The fact that you “schedule” it makes it more likely that you’ll follow through, and a reminder email 30 minutes before class starts is a bit of a kick in the butt to make sure you show up. If you’re intimidated by group exercise classes or have never stepped foot in a Pilates or yoga class, Gymagogo is for you. Heck, it’s for you even if you’ve taken a million classes and just need a convenient way to work out. You get to train with a real person in the privacy of your own home, getting real feedback. No gym commute, so you’re saving that time. And it’s an excellent workout and, importantly, time for yourself!

Ever done an online workout? Who wants to take a class “with” me? I’ll definitely be doing more of these! —Erin


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