Royals, They’re Parents Just Like Us!

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Crown or not, parents are parents. Credit: .jennifer donley.

I’ve never gotten too into the whole royal excitement. When William and Kate got married, I checked the news to see a glimpse of her dress, but I didn’t tune into the wedding itself. I certainly didn’t go out of my way for news. I just checked out the news in passing, without getting too worked up.

But The Royal Pregnancy? I was weirdly into it. I enjoyed seeing Kate’s maternity wear, if only to imagine what I would wear if I had millions watching (and, you know, lots of money for maternity clothes). And I was totally ready to see the final outcome as the due date drew near. Boy or girl? What would the name be? I didn’t take my interest to Twitter to get the most recent updates or anything, but I will admit to refreshing news websites frequently to see if the baby had been born.

It wasn’t until Kate and William stepped onto the hospital steps with their little baby boy that I finally understood why I’d been so excited: As a parent, you love it when others tumble into the adventure that is parenting. You know what’s in the future for them — the fun, the love, the sleepless nights, dirty diapers, a toddler putting everything in his mouth. It’s been said that they don’t have a nanny at the moment, but even if they did, they’ll still deal with their fair share of crying baby and wondering how the heck their relatively peaceful existence got turned upside down by a tiny little baby. In some ways, parenting is the great equalizer — a common experience for royals and commoners alike.

Plus, leaving the hospital with a newborn is one of the best feelings in the word. Watching the new parents leave the hospital let me relive that moment. Sure, my husband and I didn’t have massive throngs of fans to wave to, but that look of bliss and pride on the parents’ faces? Everyone understands that. So as the new parents waved to the crowds with their new bundle, for a moment, it felt like they were just like us. As Kate turned and we saw her still-rounded belly, moms cheered, remembering that they too had still looked pregnant in the days and weeks after having a baby. I cheered, glad that a new mom wasn’t in hiding until the stomach deflated or feeling the need to hide herself even with everyone watching.

Luckily, most new parents don’t have millions worldwide watching our every move. Which is good, because I wouldn’t have been nearly as put together as Kate. Seriously, whose hair looks that perfect the day after having a baby?! It’s not even fair…

Did you get caught up in the royal baby excitement? Did you just love their first appearance as a family of three? —Erin

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  1. I was more interested in the royal baby than the wedding but mostly kept the baby excitement to myself. Babies are too cute to ignore.