Low-Calorie Items at the Top Fast-Food Restaurants — and a Few Eats to Avoid at All Costs


We all know that fast-food is never the ideal meal choice. These foods of convenience are not the healthiest option available, but sometimes it’s just not possible to cook all of your organic meals from scratch, am I right? Between rushing home from work and rushing your kids to after-school activities, fast-food restaurants are sometimes a necessary evil. But they truly don’t have to be super unhealthy and high-calorie. You just have to do a little research and know what to order!

Read on for some of my favorite healthier fast-food options to try next time you’re hungry on the road or ill-prepared when dinnertime rolls around. I’ve also included some cringe-inducing options you’ll definitely want to avoid!

Best and worst eats at your 12 favorite fast-food restaurants.Erin


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