11 Signs You’re a Mom Training for an Endurance Event

runningwomanmomBack when I reviewed the book Tri-Mom: Swimming, Biking and Running Through Motherhood I remember thinking that the triathlete mama was a little crazy (in a good way!) for going to such lengths to fit in her training sessions. Now that I’m training for a Tough Mudder, I’m finding that I do some of the same crazy/necessary things she did.

Training for an event of this magnitude has taken a lot of juggling and planning. Basically, every day revolves around three things: naps, meals and gym time. Whereas before, my weeks consisted of a pretty even split of rest days and workout days, now it’s skewed: mostly training days split between cardio and strength, and a couple of necessary rest days thrown in. And all good plans can be thrown off by a kid’s runny nose or even just a really foul mood after a nap. I’ve had to go pick up my son from gym daycare because he wouldn’t settle down; I’ve had to do two-a-day workouts to fit in mileage when sweat sessions have gotten cut short. It’s been frustrating at times, but I always laugh because it’s making me train creatively, which can only help me prepare for an unpredictable event, right?

As I was running the other day, I started thinking up a list — ways you know you’re a mom training for a major event. Read on, and see if you relate!

11 Signs You’re a Mom Training for a Distance Event

1. You only wear workout clothes because odds are you’re working out that day.

2. You use playground time as a cross-training opportunity by working on your pull-ups and monkey-bar climbing.

3. You think, “At least on race day, I won’t be pushing a stroller. That should help a little, right?”

4. You run sprints while carrying your 25-pound toddler because your real workout time got cut short, and he won’t let you put him down.

Read on for more of the 11 signs you’re a mom training for a distance event…Erin



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