16 Happy Habits to Put on Your To-Do List

We’ve all had days when we woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Heck, as moms, we’ve probably had days when we didn’t even get to sleep in our own beds. So we know the grumpiness that ensues, right? But there are certain habits happy people have that you can put into practice to increase your happy quotient.

Incorporating these to-dos into your life won’t guarantee you a trip to Happy Town, but they certainly won’t hurt. If you need ways to turn that frown upside down, read on for the ways you can incorporate these happy habits into your own day.

Happy Habit 1: Appreciate The Good

Credit: metaxin, Flickr
Look on the bright side to get happy! Credit: metaxin, Flickr

It’s often easier to notice the things that go wrong, rather than the 99 percent of the day that went right. But taking the time to appreciate the good every day can contribute to a great outlook and a good mood.

How you can do it every day: Take a few minutes each day — maybe during your lunch break — to appreciate all the good things that have happened in your day. Appreciate the positives and the simple pleasures. Your boss is out of town! The server got your coffee order right! You managed to avoid stepping in the puddle in the pouring rain!

Continue reading for 15 more happy habits you can do each day!Erin


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