Easy Breakfast and Snack Idea: belVita Biscuits

belvitareviewAlways on a mission for easy snacks and breakfast ideas, I jumped on the chance to try belVita Soft Baked breakfast biscuits. I get so burned out on giving the kids the same snacks and breakfasts — plus, I couldn’t say no to biscuits. 

The taste test proved that these biscuits are delicious; they disappeared extremely quickly from the house. In fact, I don’t think I even got to try the Oats & Chocolate version! But I did get to try the Mixed Berry and it was … wait for it … berry delicious! Soft like an oatmeal cookie, we scarfed these up quickly for breakfasts and snacks. With calorie counts of 190 and 200 calories, they’re a perfect pre-workout breakfast when you just need a little something to get by or a good afternoon snack. They’ve got 11 grams of whole grains per serving, so 20 percent of your daily fiber is taken care of. There are no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners, no HFCS and no partially hydrogenated oil. They do have 10 grams of sugar each, but they do also have 3 grams of protein each.

They were such a hit though — and so easy to take on the go — that I tried to snap them up at the store. I accidentally bought the crunchy breakfast biscuits, which actually turned out to be a happy accident. They come four to a 230-calorie Cinnamon Brown Sugar pack, so they’re perfectly shareable and great for the kids to munch on. They taste like cookies, but have the whole grains necessary to make them a healthy snack.

Have you tried these? Do you have any good whole-grain favorites your kids like? —Erin

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