8 Reasons to Eat Together as a Family

eattogetherasafamilyUnfortunately, in my house, we don’t eat together as a family. Well, we sort of do, but we’re missing a key player: my hubby. My kids get hungry like clockwork at 5 p.m. Some days if I’m really procrastinating, I can push dinnertime to 5:30 or so, but the more I push it, the more I risk epic hunger meltdowns. So I preempt getting to Hungry Monster territory and do dinner earlier than I’d like — and earlier than my husband could possibly get home from work.

Three of the four of us eating together isn’t bad, and the more research I do on the benefits of eating together as a family, the more determined I am to stick with it (and hopefully add my husband to the mix!) as time goes on. Granted, it’s easier now because my kids are young enough that they’re not being pulled in a million directions with after-school activities, sports practice and friends, but I figure the more we do it, the better off we’ll all be. That’s why I’m determined to make it a habit now, to help it stick.

There are so many good reasons for eating together as a family, from better health to more veggie intake. And of course, there are the great memories to be made. If you need a few reasons why you should prioritize family meals, read on!

Reason 1 to Eat as a Family: It’s Good For Grades

Credit: ToolManTimTaylor, Flickr
Eating together as a family can help your kids get better grades. Credit: ToolManTimTaylor, Flickr

Good health habits, such as eating and sleep patterns, are linked to academic success, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Kids thrive on routine, and if you’re eating together, it’s easier to make sure your kids are getting enough breakfast to power them through their morning. Making meals family time ensures your kids aren’t skipping meals when they need those meals for fuel and growth spurts!

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Do you make family dinners a priority? —Erin 



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