A Two-Minute Morning Workout — While Brushing!


toothbrush-workout-585Once you become a mom, the ability to multitask increases exponentially — and out of necessity. You soothe babies while peeing, grow eyes in the back of your head to help you watch your kids while paying bills, and manage to make dinner while simultaneously spoon-feeding the baby. And because you might not feel like you have the time to spare for workouts, don’t forget that you can multitask that, too! This quick two-minute morning workout from Shana Schneider at FITWEEK can be done while you’re brushing your teeth. Simple, but effective!

Can’t see the video? Click here to watch the two-minute morning workout!

You’ve got time to brush your teeth, right? I hope? Even if it’s not until 10 a.m.?

Do you fit in any exercises while you’re cooking or doing other necessary chores? —Erin


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